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We’re in the midst of a revolution in biology. A time when discoveries in the field of genomics, or molecular biology, are occurring at an astonishing speed and technological innovation is allowing us to understand living organisms at a level unimaginable even a decade ago.

Genome BC is committed to providing curious minds with unbiased and up-to-date information about the rapidly changing field of genomics; its relevance to society, the benefits and risks of genomics research, and the impact it’s having on our health, our environment, our food supply and our energy sources. We also create background information to help people understand the latest developments – in an accurate and engaging way.

Whether you’re a future scientist, an end-user, or just want to understand more about how genomics will affect you – explore this section to find out about our hands-on, experiential learning resources, public outreach programs, and free activities

“If we do it right, and we are confident we will, Genome BC will create a community of learners linking scientists, students, teachers, business people, and members of the interested public via an ongoing exchange of information, dialogue and debate.” – Alan Winter, President and CEO, Genome BC



Discover information articles explaining some concepts in genomics, including the risks and benefits of genomics research.

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What's that word?? Genomics uses a lot of jargon that can be hard to understand. Our glossary has definitions for important or frequently encountered concepts in genomics.  

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Interested in something beyond the textbook? At camp, students will explore aspects of biotechnology, pathology, forensics, genetics, genomics and microbiology and use their new knowledge to stop an evil bio-terrorist from wreaking havoc on the world!

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Genomics in your area! We've done a series of travelling suitcase exhibits, classroom visits, community engagement events, teacher training, workshops and camp. Come check out where we've been.

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