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Free downloadable resources for educators, parents/caregivers and students.

Check out our gallery of workshops, hands-on activities and case studies below. Click on a resource to find out more information and use the Bitly link to download all associated materials.

These resources are updated regularly.

Want to do-it-yourself? Download the facilitator and student materials for each one of our curriculum-aligned and hands-on workshops right here!

Consider requesting a visit from a Geneskool volunteer facilitator for an even more enriching student experience:

Family-friendly table activities that use easily obtainable materials to teach genetics and genomics concepts. Download a brochure here!

Each episode of the Nice Genes! podcast comes with a downloadable PDF Learn-a-Long. Perfect for a relaxed lesson in the classroom or a take-home exploration for your students, these hand-drawn worksheets connect cutting edge science stories to curriculum.

Simply navigate to a resource card below and click on the direct download link for the corresponding PDF.

Explore cutting-edge genomic research through data visualization. Perfect for warming up minds or enhancing lesson plans focused on processing and analyzing data, these resources guide students through the interpretation of a real scientific figure produced by a funded Genome BC project team.

Click on the direct download link in a resource card to access the student and educator materials for each Data Dialogue.

Reinforce student understanding of inheritance by downloading one of these disease case studies!

Quizzes are a fun way to test student understanding. Combine one or more of the quizzes below with a Genome BC video for a great gateway into the exciting world of genomics!

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