Working with Genome BC

Genome BC’s co-funding approach to research investment follows neither a government-only “granting council” model, nor an industry-only “portfolio management” approach. It is a unique approach that relies on collaborative research agreements and commitments to milestones and outputs, a model perhaps best described as “contract” research.

As an advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion, Genome BC’s works collaboratively with government, academia and industry, to translate the excellent research carried out in universities into applications that will ultimately generate social and economic benefits for BC and Canada.

Genome BC’s Role

  • Distribute funds and monitor financial expenditures
  • Monitor progress toward milestones and deliverables of the research project.
  • Capture the impacts of the project to understand the outcomes and benefits to BC


The Project Team’s Role

  • Ensure the Project stays within its approved budget
  • Report any changes to milestones, deliverables and project activities to Genome BC for approval
  • Maintain legal and regulatory compliance of research activities

Genome BC and Genome Canada are strongly committed to the principle of rapid sharing of the outputs of the research we fund, including open access to publications, release of data and sharing of unique resources to the scientific community. By providing the broader scientific community with timely access to the outputs of funded projects, it is anticipated that these data release and sharing policies will accelerate the translation of research for the benefit of BC, Canada and the wider global community.

Genome BC and Genome Canada recognize the important role of a Research Oversight Committee (ROC) in the success of funded large-scale projects. Genome BC views the primary role of the ROC as providing strategic advice to both the project team and Genome BC on approaches and directions to aid the project in achieving its long and short term objectives.  Expectations of the ROC include but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing guidance and recommendations in light of major advances in the project’s field of research
  • Providing context and illustrating the relevance of broader trends in science and technology that have the potential to impact the project
  • Identifying and evaluating scientific and GE3LS challenges facing the project team and providing counsel
  • Participating actively in the refinement of strategies to transfer, disseminate, use, and/or apply the deliverables from the research to realize socio‐economic benefits to Canada


To clarify the role and mandate of the ROC, Genome Canada has provided projects with a Research Oversight Committee Terms of Reference.

Genome BC’s communications team works with your project team (and your respective communications colleagues) toward creating a greater awareness and understanding of both the potential and realized impact of genomics-related research projects.

We partner with you to engage various media and influencers to raise awareness with stakeholders across the province. This includes government, industry, high school science teachers and their students and science engaged public.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Keep an ongoing dialogue and updates with Genome BC’s communications team to highlight milestones and reportable outcomes
  • Participate in Genome BC events. In addition to events for the scientific community. We host several events to educate and inform the public and we may call on you to represent Genome BC and talk about your research.
  • Ensure any publications, media contact, advertising, and news releases arising from research from you project acknowledges Genome BC funding, and any other party contributing to it.  (PLEASE NOTE: Any institutional or project-specific public relations/media requires approval from Genome BC in advance.)
  • Include the Genome BC logo in any visual presentations such as seminars, poster presentations and websites related to your project. You can download various formats of our logos below.


Genome BC Logos:

The package below contains the complete suite of Genome BC’s logos in all available colours, files types, and colour modes (PMS, CMYK and RGB). This will enable you to select our logo in various file formats projects. (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Adobe, etc.)