Latest Past Events

Genome BC’s Annual Genomics Forum 2023

Virtual Event

Join Genome BC on May 3, 2023, this year’s Annual Genomics Forum as we discuss the power and hurdles of integrating genomics into patient management and how we can ensure maximum value is derived from samples and patient data.

Educator Retreat

Advance genomic literacy for you and your students at the first Genome BC Geneskool educator retreat. Devote 12 hours over 4 days to learn more about the rapidly advancing field of genomics, as well as how it intersects with society. Major themes of the retreat will include:Inheritance and IdentityMolecular Biology and Gene EditingBeyond Biology; Genes […]

Geneskool Educator Webinar (Lost in Translation and more!)

Learn about DNA translation, codon tables and more! We will share our tips & tricks on how we facilitate these workshops. The Genome BC Geneskool website has been restructured to make free online and remote learning resources more accessible to educators,caregivers and students while in-class instruction is suspended.In this webinar, we will walk through Lost […]