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Citizens’ preferences for next generation sequencing technologies in biomedical research and medicine: a mixed methods approach

  • Project Leaders: Dean Regier
  • Institutions: BC Cancer Agency (BCCA)
  • Budget: $50,000
  • Competition: Societal Issues Competition - Round 1
  • Genome Centre(s): Genome BC
  • Fiscal Year: 2017
  • Status: Closed

As research in genomics continues to evolve, advancements made in the lab are demonstrating the potential to revolutionize everyday clinical health care. Often referred to as precision health care, the information from a patient’s genetic profile can be used to better prevent, treat, and predict the course of a disease.

However, the large amount of genomic information these new technologies provide has a range of personal, familial, and societal implications. For example, complex genomics data can be difficult to understand, and it can be expensive to generate.

This project seeks to address some of these issues by asking the public about the value they attach to genomic knowledge and its outcomes. This initiative will provide scientific evidence characterizing the benefits that innovations in precision health provide to society. This knowledge can in turn be used to inform decisions in both research and policy development based on an understanding of which precision health technologies provide the most benefit to patients and society, given their cost.