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Human Health

Advances in genome sciences research focused in healthcare are already leading to new diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic tools for use in personalized medicine. These technologies will substantially improve healthcare services and permit more rapid and accurate diagnosis of life-threatening disorders.

Most developed countries are struggling with the escalating costs of healthcare caused by the increasing costs of new life-saving diagnostics and treatments, aging populations, a rising incidence of chronic diseases and the absence of integrated informatics solutions for effective healthcare delivery. British Columbia’s healthcare infrastructure has benefited from investments in medical research and the outcomes are supporting the development of new medical technologies that use information from genome science to provide a more accurate diagnosis and to ensure that patients receive the right treatment at the right time, which is the foundation for personalized medicine. Genome BC’s funded programs and projects have played an important role in medical research and Genome BC is now poised to contribute to the translation of this new knowledge into clinical practice.

Genome BC’s current translational research projects in human health: