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Fisheries & Aquaculture

British Columbia is an important region for both wild fisheries and aquaculture. The industry includes finfish and shellfish, wild fisheries (both commercial and sport) and aquaculture.  More than 80 species of aquatic plants and animals are harvested, primarily off the coast but also throughout BC’s extensive river systems.

As economically important wild fish stocks decline, innovative solutions are urgently needed to sustain and expand wild fisheries and production from aquaculture. Genome BC’s research projects are tackling major challenges to the fisheries and aquaculture industries including sea lice, climate change and increased demand for food products. The projects aim to provide a better understanding of environmental changes on fish and other aquatic species, the effects of toxic algae and diseases, and the interaction of pathogens and parasites.

Applications and technologies from this research could include tools that forecast responses to environmental stressors and changes; means for monitoring viral, bacterial or fungal pathogens and parasites to improve prediction and treatment of disease outbreaks; and support for novel methods to control algae blooms around fish farms.

Genome BC’s current research project in fisheries & aquaculture: