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Enabling Technology

Enabling technology research projects are developing new and improved technology that will be broadly applicable to genomics, proteomics, or related areas. The term "technology" denotes methods and tools that enable research including, but not limited to, instrumentation and/or devices, techniques and software.

Genome BC’s current research projects in enabling technology:

Science and Technology Innovation Centres

BC is home to two leading-edge Science & Technology Innovation Centres (S&T ICs; formerly referred to as S&T Platforms) across Canada that provide the tools and expertise to analyze genomes in various ways. Genome BC co-leads one other centre with Genome Alberta.

These S&T ICs provide researchers access to high throughput genomics and proteomics technologies, such as DNA sequencing, RNA expression, protein and metabolite identification and quantitation, as well as new methods and protocols development, data analysis, and bioinformatics. The S&T ICs also assist researchers in the development of research proposals by providing advice on appropriate technologies and study design that improve the quality of the research.