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Genomics is helping British Columbia’s diverse agriculture industry by providing a better understanding of the mechanisms by which animals and crops cope with disease, parasites, and insects in order to increase productivity and quality of crops and livestock.  Genome BC’s research projects in this area aim to improve the quality and production of food products through the selection of desirable traits that will bring both increased value and new niche market opportunities.

Applications from this research include developing new varieties of crops with novel or improved traits, such as disease resistance and environmental adaptation.  Genome-based technologies can be used to screen livestock for health status, traceability and genetic diversity.  These technologies can also be used for disease detection and control, including on-site diagnostics for pathogen resistance or vaccine response.  

Some of these projects include international partnerships which will further assist the applications of the research to benefit people around the world and showcase BC researchers on the world stage. 

Genome BC’s current research projects in agri-food: