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Proof-of-Concept (POC)

Genome BC originally launched the POC program as part of its 2010-2015 Strategic Plan in partnership with Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD). Due to the success of the initial investment in the program, Genome BC re-launched the program in 2014. 

The program’s goals include:

  • Accelerating the commercialization process for new genomics-related scientific or technological innovations;
  • Facilitating the advancement of discoveries based in genomics from the innovation to proof-of-concept stage "in a real world setting";
  • Development of new and novel products and services to the point that they are ready for licensing, industry investment, or spin-out.

The program is expected to support projects of approximately $50,000 to $500,000 total ($25,000 to $250,000 from Genome BC) and funding may be staged, dependent on successful completion of approved milestones and deliverables. Under exceptional circumstances awards larger than $250,000 may be considered. Projects must be co-funded at a 1:1 ratio by other eligible sources as outlined below.  Genome BC funding can only be used by eligible researchers working in BC-based academic institutions, but national and international collaborations are strongly encouraged.

Where appropriate, projects are strongly encouraged to partner with existing BC facilities, including the S&T Innovation Centres, as the POC program will not assist in the building of new infrastructure capacity.

Genome BC is considering some changes to the POC program so we are not accepting registrations/letters of intent at this time. A POC application intake is not currently planned for 2015. Contact Alison Dendoff, Coordinator-New Programs, at if you have any questions. 


*Note that these documents may be revised prior to the next intake of this program. Please contact Alison for the current versions.