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Research Programs

Genome BC invests in research that aligns with the needs of areas of strategic importance to British Columbia such as human health, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, agri-food, energy, mining and environment.

By working collaboratively with government, academia and industry, Genome BC's goal is to translate the excellent research carried out in universities into applications that will ultimately generate social and economic benefits for BC and Canada. To date, the organization has research programs with approved budgets of over $710 million, including 254 research projects and science and technology platforms.

Genome BC's co-funding approach to research investment follows neither a government-only "granting council" model, nor an industry-only "portfolio management" approach. It is a unique approach that relies on collaborative research agreements and commitments to milestones and outputs, a model perhaps best described as "contract" research. It is important to note that discovery science is an engine that drives future developments in genomics and Genome BC funds research across the research continuum from discovery through application through translation.

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