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sector_ico_Fisheries_trans Fisheries and Aquaculture

Sustaining freshwater recreational fisheries in a changing environment

  • Project Leaders: Patricia Schulte, Anthony Farrell, Ben Koop
  • Institutions: University of British Columbia (UBC)
  • Budget: $4515137
  • Program/Competition: Large Scale Applied Research Programs
  • Genome Centre(s): Genome Canada
  • Fiscal Year: 2016
  • Status: Closed

Recreational fishing is a treasured pastime, contributing more than $8 billion to the Canadian economy. Rainbow trout are a cornerstone of recreational fishing, but wild populations are in danger due to climate change and human impacts. The team will sequence the genomes of rainbow trout from different populations to assess their genetic diversity and identify appropriate strains of fish for stocking that will be resilient to the effects of climate change. They will also develop low-cost tools for fisheries managers to monitor the genetic health of rainbow trout populations and develop policy recommendations for managers and stakeholders to help them manage and preserve rainbow trout. The team’s work will help preserve recreational fishing for generations to come.