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Sablefish Genomics

  • Project Leaders: Ben Koop
  • Institutions: University of Victoria (UVic)
  • Budget: $140000
  • Program/Competition: Science Opportunities Fund
  • Genome Centre(s): Genome British Columbia
  • Status: Closed

The sablefish industry is a $300 million a year industry in North America, with wild stocks decreasing while commercial demand is rapidly increasing. There is a need to establish successful sablefish aquaculture as well as genetic tools for better management of wild fish stocks.  Prior to the start of this project, nothing was known about sablefish genetics and little was known about migration patterns and reproductive success.  This project developed a preliminary suite of genomic tools, including a the first genetic map of sablefish published, describing 18,000 novel gene transcripts that can provide important information for both aquaculture and management of wild fish stocks, both of which will help make sablefish aquaculture a sustainable and profitable industry for British Columbia. In addition, the project has described the population structure of wild sablefish, with implications for management of commercial wild fisheries.