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Northern Biobank Initiative: Phase 2

  • Project Leaders: Nadine Caron, Cathy Ulrich, Richard Jock, Sam Aparicio
  • Institutions: University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)
  • Budget: $1250000
  • Program/Competition: User Partnership Program
  • Genome Centre(s): Genome British Columbia
  • Fiscal Year: 2015
  • Status: Active

The Northern Biobank Initiative Phase 2 is the first biobank of its kind in British Columbia. It will enable Northern B.C. to better contribute to large-scale provincial and national research by helping to understand the demographic and genetic makeup of different populations throughout the province.

Nadine Caron and her team are leading this project into its second phase. The Northern Biobank Initiative Phase 2 will make it easier for local patients to choose to participate in research that is taking place across B.C. and Canada. Initial areas of focus will likely include colorectal, breast and thyroid cancer with the capability to add other complex diseases.  The Northern Biobank initiative will be able to work together with other large-scale biospecimen collections in B.C. and across Canada.

This project is part of Genome British Columbia’s User Partnership Program and funded by Genome British Columbia, Northern Health Authority, the First Nations Health Authority, Provincial Health Services Authority and the BC Cancer Foundation. The University of Northern British Columbia is the lead academic institution managing the research administration for the project. The BC Cancer Foundation has fully funded the first phase of the biobank project.