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Intravesical Docetaxel Formulation for the Treatment of Ta/T1 Stage Bladder Cancer

  • Project Leaders: Helen Burt
  • Institutions: University of British Columbia (UBC)
  • Budget: $500,000
  • Competition: Proof of Concept - Round 5
  • Genome Centre(s): Genome BC
  • Fiscal Year: 2013
  • Status: Closed

Bladder cancer is the fourth most prevalent cancer in the US in men (ninth in women) with an overall mortality of 20%. It has the highest lifetime treatment cost per patient as well as high rates of both reoccurrence and progression. Current therapies have limited efficacy and there is a significant unmet clinical and market need for new chemotherapy products. One of the major reasons for limited efficacy is poor bioavailability of the drug to the bladder tissue with studies demonstrating that less than 1% of drug instilled into the bladder is distributed into the bladder wall. The aim of this study is to finalize the formulation specification of a novel formulation of docetaxel employing Hyperbranched Polyglycol (HPG) to improve its retention characteristics in the bladder. The project objectives also include chemistry scale-up and development of a clinical study plan, with validation through a pre-IND meeting with the FDA. This would enable the creation of a private company to move the technology into phase I clinical studies.