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Genomics Research on Atlantic Salmon Project (GRASP)

  • Project Leaders: Willie Davidson, Ben Koop
  • Institutions: Simon Fraser University (SFU)
  • Budget: $6203129
  • Program/Competition: Large Scale Competitions
  • Genome Centre(s): Genome Canada
  • Status: Closed

Salmon, trout and char comprise the salmonids, a group of fish that are of great economic and societal importance to Canada, particularly in the coastal, rural, and Aboriginal communities. This Consortium is the internationally recognized focal point for the advancement of salmonid genomics worldwide. Bringing together a range of collaborators in Canada, Norway, UK, and the USA, as well as a broader network of research partners in more than a dozen countries, cGRASP has fostered the development of whole new applications of salmonid conservation, health, and breeding. cGRASP has produced the majority of the genomic resources for salmonids and has made important advances in collating and synthesizing these results for the broader community. The results provided better understanding of salmonid production and adaptation to local conditions and this might benefit agencies that make management decisions concerning stock assessment and harvesting plans. The methodologies and tools developed will help answer questions that are of economic and social importance to aquaculture, conservation and the environment.  Many of the resources required to conduct the genomic studies on salmonids that have been planned in the cGRASP project were developed during the previous GRASP project and related projects in Norway, the USA, and the UK.