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Development of a high-throughput proteomics platform for biomarker verification

  • Project Leaders: Christoph Borchers
  • Institutions: University of Victoria (UVic)
  • Budget: $457618
  • Program/Competition: Strategic Opportunities Fund
  • Genome Centre(s): Genome British Columbia
  • Status: Closed

This project enabled the rapid detection and measurement of proteins in human plasma. The team developed methods to measure a panel of 67 biomarkers, which have been proposed to diagnose and classify cardiovascular disease. These methods were tested and refined to ensure that they are fast, reproducible, sensitive and accurate. In collaboration with the PROOF (Prevention of Organ Failure) Centre at St. Paul’s Hospital, they tested cardiovascular patient samples and compared biomarker measurements with those of earlier lower-throughput methods. This biomarker platform will enable evaluation of putative protein biomarkers in large numbers of patient samples for future clinical applications.