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Data and Technology

BCCA-GSC Technology Development Platform

  • Project Leaders: Andre Marziali, Robin Coope
  • Institutions: BC Cancer (Previously BC Cancer Agency (BCCA))
  • Budget: $300000
  • Program/Competition: Science and Technology Platforms
  • Genome Centre(s): Genome British Columbia
  • Status: Closed

This platform intends to seek out biomedical and life science technology opportunities that have commercial potential by building on existing relationships with clinicians and scientists to identify current problems and bottlenecks that result in unmet needs in treatment. This platform helped Boreal Genomics quickly build its first prototype which was critical for raising additional fund for the company. Four projects under this platform were moving toward commercialization: Target Tape, ProNeckTor, Pelvic Fixation, and Barracuda.  Target Tape created a spin-off called AEOS Biomed, the other three were under different stages of commercialization. This platform also helped Genome BC to launch TDIF and POC which helped to position GBC for WD applications. In addition, this platform provided an infrastructure that enabled quality training on engineering physics; the experts from the training were acquired by Xenon, Boreal, GSC, light Integra, etc.