Why Partner with Genome BC

We help industry leverage the transformative power of genomics solutions.

Genomics is a powerful engine for innovation – Genome BC is at the forefront of this evolution helping enable this technology to drive economic growth in BC’s bioeconomy. Partnership is at the foundation of our business model. By working collaboratively with government, academia

and industry, Genome BC’s goal is to translate the excellent research carried out in universities into applications that will ultimately generate social and economic benefits for BC, Canada and the world.

Our co-funding partners include governments, academic institutions, non- profit organizations, national and international research consortia and, increasingly, businesses from multiple sectors.  We seek co-funding partners for every program we launch and every project or initiative we support. And we are eager to review proposals from others for partnership opportunities that align with our strategic plan.

Partnering with Genome BC will augment your research and development budget and provide access to leading edge academic expertise. Explore our sector strategies below to experience the transformative power of genomics.

“The promise of genomics is tremendous — our purpose is to make the promise reality.”
— Pascal Spothelfer, President and CEO, Genome BC