Imagine a world with sustainable natural resources

…where economic growth and environmental stewardship can coexist in harmony

Growing environmental and cost pressures associated with resource development and industry processes compel energy and mining companies to adopt competitive technologies for sustaining international advantages and socially acceptable operations.

Mining and energy activities have long employed research to assess and develop various operations. This includes exploring the microbial basis of well and mine sites, to extraction and processing strategies, and remedial environmental treatments. However, scientific progress since the sequencing of the human genome more than a decade ago now provides modern tools for deeper analysis of sector environments, extraction processes and environmental impacts.

While industry sectors like health, forestry, fisheries and agriculture forge ahead with genomics applications to help unveil and leverage the genetic bases of our environment, the energy and mining sector has only just begun to explore the potential of genomics. The opportunity exists for industries to revolutionize their practices and environmental impacts through the enhancements available from the application of new biological technologies.

Genomics for Mining, Energy, and Evironment

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