Imagine a world where precision health is the standard of care

Genomics is driving a paradigm shift from a disease-oriented healthcare system to one that is more precise, personalized, predictive, preventative and cost effective.

Advancements in technology are making genomics more affordable and accessible than ever before. Likewise, societal attitudes toward genomics in clinical care are shifting. We are no longer asking ‘if’ genomics should be integrated with clinical care. Instead we are asking ‘when’ and ‘how’ we can use genomics to benefit as many people as possible.

Genomics is already saving lives and improving health outcomes and disease management for patients touched by cancer, heart disease, autism, epilepsy, rare diseases and other debilitating diseases. As genomics research moves from the bench to the bedside, clinical applications of genomics will affect many areas of medicine, improving disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as informing our approaches to wellness, nutrition, and public health.

Genomics and Health

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