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Competition Result—“New Initiatives” announced under the International Canadian Data Sharing Initiative (Can-SHARE)

December 16, 2016
Members of the International Canadian Data Sharing initiative (Can-SHARE) are pleased to announce the recipients of funding under their “New Initiatives” program.

BC researchers win big in federal competition for disruptive innovation

December 9, 2016
BC researchers have earned over thirty-one (31) per cent of a national funding program announced today by the federal government

Nature’s miracle: trees may solve hydraulic fracturing water challenges

December 6, 2016
A new genomics research initiative could lead to a natural solution for the reduction and clean-up of hydraulic fracturing fluid components in north-eastern British Columbia. As part of our mandate to support innovative research, Genome BC is funding a project looking to mitigate the impacts of hydr…

BC students learn genetics at Genome BC Geneskool Full Day Workshops

December 5, 2016
High school students from around BC will come together this week to become the next generation of genetics experts at Genome BC’s Geneskool all-day workshops. Students from Whistler, Burnaby, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, North and West Vancouver will be in attendance.

Biosolids offer remediation options for mine reclamation

November 25, 2016
Biosolids are a nutrient-rich product generated during municipal wastewater treatment. Many studies indicate that biosolids applied to nutrient-poor soil increase soil development rates, but limited long-term data exists to support benefits in BC.

Mapping the human epigenome in pursuit of medical breakthroughs

November 17, 2016
Scientists across the International Human Epigenome Research Consortium (IHEC) released 41 research papers in the field of epigenomics. This is a major international step forward in the search for major breakthroughs in the treatment and prevention of many chronic diseases.

Genome BC Invests in BC-based Digital Pathology Company ViewsIQ

November 7, 2016
Genome BC is pleased to announce that it has made its second investment through its Industry Innovation (I²) Program.

Richard Resnick to Speak on the Genomic Revolution and its Impact on Human Kind

October 25, 2016
The 7th Annual Don Rix Distinguished Keynote Address is taking place today in Vancouver and Richard Resnick will be addressing a sold-out crowd.

Forest outputs under threat – genomics research making a difference

October 11, 2016
British Columbia (BC)’s western redcedar (WRC) industry, currently valued at over $1-billion, is facing a decline because of a shift from old growth to second growth forests and climate-driven challenges.

Taking flight: genomic tools to support endangered species

October 4, 2016
Funded in part by Genome British Columbia, a new user partnership project will conduct a detailed analysis of genomic variation among populations of goshawks

Genome BC Invests in Anandia Labs - a Leader in Cannabis Biotechnology and Safety

September 27, 2016
Genome BC is pleased to announce that it has made its first investment through its Industry Innovation (I²) Program to Anandia Laboratories Inc. (Anandia Labs).

Precision Medicine: A Support Tool for Primary Care Physicians Proves Feasible

September 23, 2016
There are more than 150 currently identified medications, for diseases ranging from mental health to heart disease to cancer therapies, that can negatively affect a patient because of his or her DNA.

BC Bioinformatics Researchers win large percentage of federal funding

September 16, 2016
Researchers from our province fared very well in a recent federal competition. A total of $4 million has been invested into next-generation tools and methodologies to deal with the influx of large amounts of data produced by modern genomics technologies: Genome BC-funded researchers will receive 36.…

Local students learn genetics at Genome BC Geneskool Summer Camp

August 15, 2016
High school students from across the lower mainland will come together this week to become the next generation of genetics experts as Genome BC’s Geneskool Summer Camp travels to Capilano University in North Vancouver for an intensive five-day workshop.

BC researchers collaborate with Oxford University and Public Health England to make TB genomic data quick and easy to read for clinicians

August 9, 2016
A new project involving the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), Oxford University and Public Health England (PHE) is building data-sharing capacity between the three groups to accelerate the use of genomics as a tool for the diagnosis, treatment and tracking of tuberculosis (TB). Funded in part b…

Reference genomes for apple and sweet cherries will protect BC Growers

July 20, 2016
BC’s interior tree fruit industry generates $130 million in wholesale revenue, contributes $900 million in economic activity, and directly employs 1,500 people annually. Ninety-five percent of the cherries grown in Canada grow in BC and it is estimated that eighty percent of new cherry plantings in …

HeadCheck Health, Navigate Surgical Technologies, and ViewsIQ Recognized as BC’s Most Promising Healthtech Companies

July 14, 2016
Genome British Columbia (Genome BC) and the BC Tech Association (BC Tech) kicked off the new HyperGrowth:Life program today with the announcement of its inaugural cohort, featuring HeadCheck Health, Navigate Surgical Technologies and ViewsIQ.

Federal Investment pinpoints BC’s leadership in cancer screening

July 11, 2016
A $3.3-million dollar project, led by Dr. Christoph Borchers, affiliated with the University of Victoria, McGill University, and the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, is analysing the expression and functionality of cancer-related proteins. In some instances, this analysis can significantly infor…

Genome British Columbia investing in companies and jobs through e@UBC

June 24, 2016
Genome BC has invested $600,000 into the entrepreneurship@UBC (e@UBC) program. The program is designed to help UBC entrepreneurs build sustainable, scalable ventures based on UBC innovation.

Genome BC supporting revolutionary cancer screening program

June 7, 2016
The National Access Program for Cancer Testing (NAP) is a groundbreaking move to establish equitable access to state-of-the-art cancer diagnostics across Canada. Led by Contextual Genomics, the program is supported by a consortium of companies and academic institutions. In NAP, Contextual Genomics’s…

Genome BC and BCTIA Collaborate to Support the Future of Healthtech in BC

May 5, 2016
Genome British Columbia (Genome BC) and the British Columbia Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) today announced the launch of HyperGrowth:Life, BC’s first cohort-based program designed to advance tech companies in the healthtech and life sciences industries.

Childhood asthma research receives $2 million to investigate genetic and environmental factors

May 2, 2016
Research into the impact of a child’s upbringing and social and physical environments on the development of asthma will receive $2 million to tackle the condition that affects as many as one in three Canadians.

Genomics offers new options for stormwater treatment

April 28, 2016
Vancouver receives roughly sixty inches of rainfall each year and rainwater runoff from roadways often contains elevated levels of several metals, as well as heavy extractable petroleum hydrocarbons. Best management practices for stormwater treatment include the design and installation of engineered…

Changing the face of sepsis treatment

April 19, 2016
A new research project, funded in part by Genome British Columbia (Genome BC), Comparison of the efficacy of anti-PCSK9 biologics in the treatment of sepsis, is being led by Cyon Therapeutics Inc. (Cyon).

BC-led salmon genome collaboration publishes major findings in Nature

April 18, 2016
As of today all salmon genes, and thus opportunities to ensure sustainable farming and wild salmon management, is just a mouse click away.

Cutting-edge health care launches in the North

April 18, 2016
PRINCE GEORGE - The North today welcomed an innovative project that will improve access for British Columbia's northern population to participate in, and reap the benefits of, clinical research that will improve disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in specific communities.

New therapies for Ulcerative Colitis: Research advances will benefit patients and local biotech company

April 6, 2016
Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a relapsing, remitting inflammatory disease that causes diarrhea, abdominal pain, fecal urgency and incontinence. Systemic symptoms such as fever, weight loss, malaise and fatigue can also occur in more extensive disease. Current treatments are designed to suppress immune …

Lenard Boggio and Paul Terry Appointed to the Genome BC Board

March 22, 2016
Dr. Alan Winter, President and CEO of Genome British Columbia is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Lenard Boggio and Dr. Paul Terry to its Board of Directors.

Genome BC Bringing Public Talk and Education Outreach to Quesnel

March 15, 2016
Genome British Columbia (Genome BC) will be visiting residents and secondary students in Quesnel on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week as they bring their community engagement and student outreach programs to the area.

Connecting the Dots between Cancer, DNA & the Patient Experience Public talk explores genomic approaches to cancer

February 17, 2016
For most people, cancer hits close to home either through personal diagnosis or the experience of a family or a friend. Genomic researchers are working hard to understand how genetic information influences the disease, aiming to provide patients with more precise approaches to cancer diagnosis and t…

Genome BC Bringing Public Talk and Education Outreach to Cranbrook

February 15, 2016
Genome British Columbia (Genome BC) will be visiting residents and secondary students in Cranbrook and surrounding communities over the next couple of weeks as they bring their community engagement and student outreach programs to the area.

BC Invests Talent and Funds into International Data Sharing Effort

January 26, 2016
DNA sequencing is revolutionizing health care and with the advancement of technology it has become more affordable to accumulate vast amounts of genomic data. These large and complex datasets – often called “Big Data” – provide an essential platform that inform the provision of health care and help …

Genome BC Announces New Executive Team Member

January 4, 2016
Genome British Columbia today announced the appointment of Dr. Catalina Lopez-Correa as Vice President, Sector Development and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).
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