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Understanding the importance of protein expression HUPO 2015 lands in Vancouver

Vancouver, BC- The 14th Human Proteome Organization World Conference (HUPO 2015) is being held at the Vancouver Convention Centre September 27-30, 2015.  This year’s theme, ‘Translating Proteomics and Allied -Omics to the Clinic’, will underpin the need for collaboration and cooperation of individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds. The speaker program includes leading experts from Canada and around the globe. 

HUPO’s goal is to foster the development of new proteomic technologies, techniques and training through international cooperation and collaborations. Proteomics is the science that studies which proteins of the genome are expressed and when. Initially aimed at cataloguing the proteins present in a cell under various conditions, proteomics has enhanced genomics in trying to understand how the expression of the genome enables all the complex functions of the cell to work.

“HUPO is delighted to hold its 14th annual World Congress HUPO2015 in the spectacularly natural Canadian city of Vancouver this week,” said Dr. Mark Baker, Professor of Proteomics & Biochemistry, Macquarie University, Australia; President, Human Proteome Organization. “At HUPO2015, delegates will explore and showcase the outstanding progress made under HUPO’s flagship scientific project (The Human Proteome Project), as researchers work cooperatively to “translate the code of human life” unearthing the intricate ways proteins drive human health and disease. ”

HUPO has strong Canadian roots with considerable support since its inception in 2001 from Montreal International, McGill University, Genome Quebec and Genome BC. Additionally, as of April 2015, the HUPO head office is now located in Vancouver.

The 2015 congress is supported by Genome Canada, Genome BC, the Canadian National Proteomics Network, and the BC Proteomics Network and many other industry sponsors and exhibitors.

“What is new this year is the focus on combining proteomics with metabolomics and genomics for a deeper understanding of how these three disciplines interact, and how these ‘omics’ techniques can be used together to solve problems relating to human health.  We are looking forward to an exciting and informative meeting, as 1200 scientists from all over the world meet in Vancouver to exchange information and ideas,” said Dr. Christoph Borchers HUPO 2015 Congress Chair. “This meeting also reflects the “coming of age” of clinical proteomics, as evidenced by the increasing interest in proteomics by the pharmaceutical industry.” 

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Launched in 2001, HUPO’s global advisory council includes leading global experts in the field of proteomics from the academic, government and commercial sectors. The organization is focused on identifying major proteomic issues and helping develop initiatives to address them.


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