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Former FBI Forensics Expert to speak on Genomics as the Integral Tool for Forensic Science

Vancouver, BC - DNA technology has become an essential means for ensuring accuracy and objectivity in the process of crime solving. Dr. Bruce Budowle, renowned forensics expert, has been a leader in the field for four decades, applying his DNA expertise to the most compelling cases.

As Genome BC’s speaker at the 6th Annual Don Rix Distinguished Keynote Address taking place in Vancouver today, Dr. Budowle will be addressing a sold-out crowd on the efficacy of genomic technologies in crime solving and the identification of human remains. He will touch on future improvements in technology that may advance current forensic practices and discuss privacy issues which are an ongoing roadblock faced by forensic experts.

As the Senior Scientist for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, D.C., Dr. Budowle steered efforts to identify victims from the World Trade Centre attack in 2001 by establishing a mitochondrial DNA sequencing program. Dr. Budowle currently acts as the Executive Director of Investigative Genetics in the Department of Forensics and Investigative Genetics at the University of North Texas focusing his energy on human forensic identification, microbial forensics and emerging infectious disease. Dr. Budowle was also integral to the establishment of the DNA-ProKids, a program that helps identify missing children around the globe.

 “Genomics is key to the work I have accomplished in the forensics field”, says Dr. Budowle. “I look forward to sharing how DNA technology and its advancement are vital to our ability to solve crimes, and track missing people. “

“Genome BC is honoured to present Dr. Bruce Budowle to the Vancouver community. He’s a world leader in the forensics arena and has used his expertise admirably to help victims of crime and to unravel the truth of missing persons’ cases” says Dr. Alan Winter, President and CEO of Genome BC. “Forensics is a new realm for us and we look forward to igniting this conversation with forensics colleagues in BC.”



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