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VANCOUVER, BC, AUGUST 15, 2016 –The Top 10 finishers in the 2016 INTERFACE Health Challenge X have been selected. INTERFACE Health Challenge X is the world’s only annual competition to discover the world’s best digital health innovators.

These finalists will now compete for $100,000 in prizes in a special head-to-head competition before an international audience on September 28, in the Imperial Theatre, a stylish, state-of-the-art multimedia facility located in Vancouver.

The top 10 are (name, category, location):

  • Claris Healthcare - Wearables, biosensors, fashion - Vancouver, Canada
  • Clearwater Clinical - Digital therapies, medical devices - Ottawa, Canada
  • Cloud Diagnostics Canada - Surprise us - Kitchener, Canada
  • Fysio 24 - Sports, health, wellness - Oosterbeek, Netherlands
  • Liquid Web - Brain development, mental health, addictions - Siena, Italy
  • Medella Health - Wearables, biosensors, fashion - Kitchener, Canada
  • MediSafe - Biopharma, beyond the pill - Boston, USA
  • NERv Technology - Digital therapies, medical devices - Waterloo, Canada
  • Noninvasix - Digital therapies, medical devices - Galveston, USA
  • SHIFT Health - Consumer engagement - Vancouver, Canada

Our finalists were chosen after 2,225 votes from the members of the INTERFACE Health community and more than 100 hours spent reviewing entries by a panel of 18 judges from health research and industry organizations from around the world.

The challenge was created to recognize excellence in human health innovation and accelerate commercialization worldwide. All entries were judged on four criteria:

  1. Do they have a kick ass team
  2. Is their product a potential money maker
  3. Can their innovation have a global impact
  4. How good they are at telling a compelling story

“This was our second global competition,” said INTERFACE Health founder Michael Bidu. “We were pleased to see entries from all five continents. The future of innovation is about collaboration and partnerships at a global level. British Columbia can benefit tremendously from being a leader in digital health research, innovation and commercialization. The quality of virtually all our startups was exceptional, which made paring the field down to just 10 both intense and time consuming. It’s going to be even harder to choose the top three at our INTERFACE Summit conference on Sep. 28 in Vancouver. Thank you to all the challengers, volunteer judges, partners and sponsors.”

The judges for selection of the Top 10 of the competition are Michael Bidu, Gabe Kalmar (Genome BC), Rizwan Kheraj (NRC-IRAP), Chris Langdon (TELUS), and Jonathan Miodowski (Rick Hansen Institute).

Videos from entrants can be viewed at

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For more information:

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