Preserving the integrity and productivity of aquatic ecosystems.

The transformative power of genomics is helping this important sector enhance production through selective breeding programs. Genomics is also helping to understand infectious diseases and parasites and their relationship between environmental stressors and fish health. It’s enabling better monitoring of wild fish migration and aiding in conservation of fish populations. And it’s helping maintain ecosystem integrity by supporting species survival and genetic variation.

Genomics can be further leveraged in the fisheries and aquaculture sector for more productive and competitive industry growth, while protecting wild stocks and ecosystems. Genomics can provide commercial and non-commercial fisheries and aquaculture with the tools to support strong, competitive growth based on product quality and security, technological soundness, economic viability, environmental integrity and social license.

sector_ico_Fisheries_trans Fisheries and Aquaculture

Climate change is posing a severe challenge to freshwater fish in Canada. Already record high temperatures in rivers and streams during the summer have forced temporary closures of...

sector_ico_Fisheries_trans Fisheries and Aquaculture

Our current knowledge about salmon comes primarily from observation of cultured fish (both in hatcheries and in aquaculture). Consequently, there is a fair understanding of pathoge...