The Impact of Genomics Research

Why genomics is critical to BC

Genomics hold the promise to improve our quality of life while providing opportunities for economic
development and environmental improvement for the benefit of society. Every living thing has a genome which
holds the secret code of life within. From the food we eat, to the medicine and cures we seek, to the
environmental sustainability of natural resources we depend upon, genomics is the heart of life sciences in
British Columbia.

Genomics is at the core of the cutting-edge science and technologies that are driving growth, productivity,
commercialization and global competitiveness. Genome BC’s investments into genomics research is powering
BC’s bioeconomy by generating jobs, creating and advancing new companies and attracting national and
international investments to help address challenges facing BC’s key economic sectors — forestry, energy and
mining, agrifood, fisheries and aquaculture, and health.

Genomics is a transformative technology that will play a key role in addressing the most pressing challenges facing society in the 21st century.

The Investments made in genomics are leading to real world benefits. These stories serve as a small illustration of a wave of even greater innovations and impacts that are still to come. The potential of genomics is enormous and we have merely scratched its surface. Here are a few examples of the impact that discovery and advancements in genomics is having on the world around us.