001CEL - C Elegans- The Nematode As A Model Organism
002CAN - Cancer Genomics – A multi-disciplinary approach to large-scale high-throughput identification of genes involved in early stage cancers
003ENV - Microbial Envirogenomics
004FOR - Treenomix- Mechanisms of Wood Formation and Pest Resistance in Forest Trees Using Spruce, Poplar and Arabidopsis
005SAL - Genomics Research on Atlantic Salmon Project (GRASP)
011ARR - Microarray Facility
012BIO - Bioinformatics
015SEQ - Sequencing & Mapping
021CEL - Expression Profiles of Cells and Tissues in C. elegans
022FUN - Comparative and Functional Genomics of the Human Pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans
023GEL - Democracy, Ethics and Genomics- Consultation, Deliberation and Modeling
024MAM - Bioinformatics of Mammalian Gene Expression
025MOU - A Quantitative and Comprehensive Atlas of Gene Expression in Mouse Development
026PAT - Functional Pathogenomics of Mucosal Immunity
031GRP - GrapeGen- A Genomic Approach to the Identification of the Genetic and Environmental Components Underlying Berry Quality in Grapevine
032BOV - Bovine Genome Sequencing Program- Full-length cDNA Sequencing
033ADR - Genotype Specific Approaches to Therapy in Childhood (GATC)
034CGH - Development and Validation of Comparative Genomic Hybridization Arrays for Clinical Use in Cancer
035IRO - Innovative Genomic Applications to Develop Clinical Biomarkers and Novel Therapies for Common Iron Metabolism Disorders
036LUN - Application of Pharmacogenomics for Rational Chemotherapy of Lung Cancer
037RET - Genomic Tools for Diagnosis and Evaluation of Mental Retardation
038TRA - Better Biomarkers of Acute and Chronic Allograft Rejection
041CEL - Efficient Identification and Cloning of Single Gene Deletions in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
042EID - Functional Genomics for Emerging Infectious Diseases (PREPARE) Project
043FOR - Conifer Forest Health Genomics
044GEL - Building a GE3LS Architecture (GE3LS ARC)
045LYM - High Resolution Analysis of Follicular Lymphoma Genomes
046ORG - Dissecting Gene Expression Networks in Mammalian Organogenesis
047PAT - Pathogenomics of Innate Immunity (PI2)
048PLE - Pleiades Promoter Project
049SAL - Consortium for Genomic Research on All Salmonids Project (cGRASP)
051ARR - Microarray Platform
052GSC - Genomics Technology Platform
054PRO - UVic – Genome BC Proteomics Centre
063ADR - Genotype-Specific Approaches to Therapy in Childhood- The Canadian Pharmacogenomics Network for Drug Safety (GATC-CPNDS)
065IRO - IND Enabling Studies for Antisense Oligonucleotides Targeting Key Regulators of Iron Metabolism, Hepcidin and Hemojuvelin
068TRA - Biomarkers in Transplantation
071WIN - WineGen – Genomics of Viticulture and Enology
072BTL - The Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic – Using genomics of the interacting bark beetles, fungal pathogens and host pine trees to improve forest ecological risk models
073CRE - CanEuCre – Genomic Resources Advancing Therapies for Brain Disorders
074COP - Development of Novel Biomarker Blood Tests for COPD
081STR - MS-based Structural Proteomics for Drug Development and Design
082NGS - Production-scale Deployment of Next-generation Sequencing Instruments
083AIS - High Throughput High-Dimensional Multi-parametric Analysis of the Immune System
084SCS - Towards Single Cell Genomics
091ARR - ST&IC Laboratory For Advanced Genome Analysis
092GSC - The Genome Sciences Centre
094PRO - The University of Victoria – Genome BC Proteomics Centre
097TEC - BCCA-GSC Technology Development Platform
101GIL - Genomics in Lice and Salmon (GiLS)
102EXP - Genomic studies of explosives biodegradation
103BIO - Optimized Populus feedstocks and novel enzyme systems for a British Columbia bioenergy sector
104BUG - Genomic approaches to microbial community monitoring as a forest management tool
105MIT - Assessment of Mite Fertility – Development of a molecular-based probe test for assessment of fecundity of P.persimilis populations
106GFM - Genomic Tools for Fisheries Management (FishMan Omics)
107BEE - Apis mellifera Proteomics of Innate reSistance (APIS)
108ROC - The Development of Genomic Tools for Monitoring and Improving Passive Mitigation of Mine Drainage
110WEB - Optimizing Hydrolytic Enzymes and Lignocellulosic substrates toward maximizing the saccharification and fermentation of lignocellulosic biomass for bioethanol production
112GSC - Genomics Innovation Centre at the BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre
114PRO - UVic – Genome BC Proteomics Centre
121AML - Genomics applied to the management of high-risk AML/myelodysplastic syndromes
123ADR - Implementation of a Pharmacogenetic ADR Prevention Program in BC
128TRA - Clinical Implementation of Diagnostic Biomarker Assays in Heart and Kidney Transplantation
131PED - The Canadian Pediatric Cancer Genome Consortium- Translating next-generation sequencing technologies into improved therapies for high-risk childhood cancer
132RDG - Finding of Rare Disease Genes in Canada (FORGE Canada)
141LYM - Personalized Treatment of Lymphoid Cancer- British Columbia as Model Province
142HIV - Viral and Human Genetic Predictors of Response to HIV Therapies
143TIA - Reducing Stroke Burden with Hospital-Ready Biomarker Test for Rapid TIA Triage
144COP - Clinical Implementation and Outcomes Evaluation of Blood-Based Biomarkers for COPD Management
145PEG - PEGASUS – Personalized Genomics for prenatal Aneuploidy Screening Using maternal blood
146IBD - IBD Genomic Medicine Consortium (iGenoMed)- translating genetic discoveries into a personalized approach to treating the inflammatory bowel diseases
151WIN - Grape and Wine Genomics
152BTL - Genomics-Enhanced Forecasting Tools to Secure Canada’s Near-Term Lignocellulosic Feedstock Supply for Bioenergy using the Mountain Pine Beetle-Pinus spp. System
153SUN - Genomics of Sunflower
154SYN - Synthetic Biosystems for the Production of High-Value Plant Metabolites
155HYD - Metagenomics for Greener Production and Extraction of Hydrocarbon Energy
156VAL - Value Addition to Genomics and GE3LS (VALGEN)
161REF - AdapTree- Assessing the adaptive portfolio of reforestation stocks for future climates
162MIC - Harnessing microbial diversity for sustainable use of forest biomass resources
163FOR - SMarTForest- Spruce Marker Technologies for Sustainable Forestry
164DIA - Genomics-Based Forest Health Diagnostics and Monitoring
165WAT - Applied Metagenomics of the Watershed Microbiome
166MED - Stratifying and Targeting Pediatric Medulloblastoma Through Genomics
167BEE - Next-generation Integrated Pest Management tools for beekeeping
168BIO - POPCAN- Genetic improvement of poplar trees as a Canadian bioenergy feedstock
169IGN - Orphan Diseases- Identifying Genes and Novel Therapeutics to Enhance Treatment (IGNITE)
171NGB - Next Generation Bioinformatics for Clinical Genomics: using de novo assembly in personalized medicine
172PHM - A Federated Bioinformatics Platform for Public Health Microbial Genomics
173CIC - Computational interpretation of cancer genomes: Defining mutational landscapes for translational genomics
174CDE - Applied Bioinformatics of Cis-regulation for Disease Exploration (ABC4DE)
175REG - Tool for proteome-wide identification of regulatory switches
176ISO - A compressed sensing framework for identifying differentially expressed isoforms and transcriptomic aberrations in cancer samples
177EVO - Measuring and modeling tumour evolution from next generation sequencing data: enabling clinical study of clonal diversity in cancer patients
181MRM - Development of Disease Biomarker Assessment Assays and Kits for Targeted Quantitative Proteomics of Mouse Plasma by Mass Spectrometry
182IAS - Protecting Canada’s Forests against Invasive Alien Species by Next Generation Biosurveillance
183AKT - iMALDI-based Assays for Protein Activity to Improve Patient Selection for Therapeutic Akt Inhibitors in Cancer Treatment
184CED - Cedar Enhanced Durability and Resistance (CEDaR): Sustainability of Canada’s Western Redcedar Forestry Sector
185ADR - Integrating Pediatric Pharmacogenomic Testing into the Canadian Health Care System
186DMD - Antibody Therapeutics for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
187CRD - Implementation of Diagnostic Whole Genome Sequencing for Rare Diseases in British Columbia
188POT - Fast-Track Breeding of Powdery-Mildew Resistant Cannabis
189GRP - CLEan plAnt extractioN SEquencing Diagnostics (CLEANSED) for Clean Grapevines in Canada
192GSC - Genome BC Genomics Innovation Centre at the BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre
192SAF - Surveillance Alert for Fast Epidemiology Genomics and Unified Agile Response to Disease (SAFEGUARD) Against Respiratory Viruses Using Wastewater Surveillance
202SEQ - Sequencing Platform at the BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre
204PRO - The Proteomics Centre (PC)
205MET - The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC)
212SEQ - Methods and Technology Development at the Sequencing Platform at the BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre
214PRO - The Proteomics Centre (PC): An Integrated GIN Node for Comprehensive, Innovative Proteomics Research in Canada
215MET - The Metabolomics Innovation Centre
221EBS - A Syst-OMICS approach to ensuring food safety and reducing the economic burden of Salmonellosis
223SUN - Genomics of Abiotic Stress Resistance in Wild and Cultivated Sunflowers
225RVA - Reverse Vaccinology Approach for the Prevention of Mycobacterial Disease in Cattle
227BEE - Sustaining and securing Canada’s honey bees using ‘omic tools
229COH - Enhancing Production in Coho: Culture, Community, Catch (EPIC4)
231CHE - A chemo-affinity toolkit for methylation proteomics
232SCG - Reimagining genome browsing for the era of single cell genomics
233GNO - GNOmics: Graphs ‘N’ Omics
234DMP - Replacing Immunoassays with MS-based Technology: Quantitative Proteomics Kits Enabling Deep Molecular Phenotyping of the Mouse
235IMM - Next generation immune profiling technology based on microfluidic single cell analysis
236DAP - Automated Tumor Pathology
241REF - CoAdapTree – Healthy trees for future climates
242RTE - Sustaining freshwater recreational fisheries in a changing environment
243FOR - Spruce-Up – Advanced spruce genomics for productive and resilient forests
244DIA - BioSurveillance of Alien Forest Enemies (bioSAFE)
245RES - Resilient Forests (RES-FOR) – Climate, Pests & Policy
246SYN - SYNBIOMICS: Functional genomics and techno-economic models for advanced biopolymer synthesis
251LRD - New bioinformatics for new sequencing technologies: Genome characterization and variation detection using long reads
252FLO - Automated analysis of big flow cytometry data
253PUB - PathOGiST: Calibrated multi-criterion genomic analysis for public health microbiology
254EPI - Genomic Epidemiology Application Ontology (GenEpiO)
255ONT - OnTarget: Big Data Informed Software for the Design of cis-Regulatory Regions Controlling Human Gene Expression
262SEQ - BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre Genomics Technology Platform
264PRO - The Pan-Canadian Proteomics Centre: An Integrated Platform for Comprehensive, Innovative, Translational Proteomics Research in Canada
265MET - The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC)
271LYM - Deciphering the genome biology of relapsed lymphoid cancers to improve patient management
272PGX - Genomic and Outcomes Databank for Pharmacogenomic and Implementation Studies (Go PGx)
273AMR - Precision Medicine CanPREVENT AMR- Applying Precision Medicine Technologies in Canada to Prevent Antibody Mediated Rejection and Premature Kidney Transplant Loss
274CHI - Childhood Asthma and the Microbiome – Precision Health for Life: The Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) Study
275SIL - Silent Genomes- Reducing health care disparities and improving diagnostic success for children with genetic diseases from Indigenous populations.
276OGC - Large Scale GE3LS Project- GenCOUNSEL- optimization of genetic counselling for clinical implementation of genome-wide sequencing
277C4R - Care4Rare Canada- Harnessing multi-omics to deliver innovative diagnostic care for rare genetic diseases in Canada (C4R-SOLVE)
278PEG - PEGASUS-2 – PErsonalized Genomics for prenatal Abnormalities Screening USing maternal blood – Towards First Tier Screening and Beyond
281ANV - AnnoVis- Annotation and visualization of de novo genome and transcriptome assemblies
282PQP - Proteogenomics-Improved and -Guided Quantification Pipeline (PIGQpipe)- Targeted Proteomics with Internal Proteogeno-typic Peptide Standards to Quantify Variants Identified by Proteogenomic Experiments
283BAC - Machine learning methods to predict drug resistance in pathogenic bacteria
284MBO - Illuminating the dark matter of the metabolome with convolutional neural networks
285MPR - Global scale metabolic pathway reconstruction from environmental genomes
286GET - Bioinformatics Tools to Enable Federated, Real Time Genomic Epidemiology Data Sharing and Analysis in a One Health Framework
287PHY - Development and implementation of bioinformatic tools for HIV and HCV phylogenetic monitoring platforms
291PEP - PeptAid – Antimicrobial Peptides To Replace Antibiotics in Farm Veterinary Practice
292MIL - Integrating genomic approaches to improve dairy cattle resilience: A comprehensive goal to enhance Canadian dairy industry sustainability
297BEE - BeeCSI: ‘omic tools for assessing bee health
301CGD - Complex Gill Disease Initiative (CGDI)
311CBG - The Canadian BioGenome Project
312ITD - iTrackDNA: Non-Destructive Precision Genomics for Environmental Impact Tracking in a Global Climate Change Era
B03TUB - Microevolution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in an ongoing outbreak in British Columbia (40 TB Genomes)
B05MPM - Mount Polley Mine
B06FLU - Genomic Surveillance of Pandemic H1N1 Influenza
B07SAH - Inventory and Assessment of Health Risk of Microbes in BC (Phase 1)
B07SH2 - Inventory and Assessment of Health Risk of Microbes in BC (Phase 2a)
B08BEE - Pest Resistant Bee Selection and Breeding with Biomarkers (Apiculture Project)
B10CNR - Canadian ‘Rare Diseases: Models & Mechanisms’ Network
B13HMP - Canadian Humans and the Microbiome Program
B14ERC - Canadian Epigenetics, Environment and Health Research Consortium Network
B15DSI - Canadian International Data Sharing Initiative (Can-SHARE)
B16SHB - Inventory and Assessment of Health Risk of Microbes in BC (Phase 2b)
B17CPV - Improving Diagnosis and Treatment of Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia. Integrating Clinical and Basic Science
B18BCN - Molecular & Cellular Immunology Core (MCIC)
B19BCH - Immunogenomics Core
B20POG - Personalized OncoGenomics 3.0
B21CAU - Clinical Assessment of the Utility of Sequencing and Evaluation as a Service (CAUSES)
B22ITG - iTARGET – individualized Treatments for Autism Recovery using Genetic-Environment Targets
B23COM - Big Data Collaborative Networks: The Role of Communication in the Development of Genomics Technologies
B26PMH - Towards clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics to improve the treatment of people with depression in BC
BRC001 - Propagated protein misfolding of SOD1 in ALS: Exemplar for Neurodegeneration
BRC002 - Brain Channelopathies – Target Validation and Novel Therapeutic Strategies
BRC003 - Locally produced brain insulin in memory and Alzheimer’s disease: A multi-disciplinary approach to a key question
BRC004 - Preclincal development of a disease modifying small molecule therapy for Alzheimer disease
BRC005 - Targeting Amyloid Propagation in Alzheimer Disease: Structures, Immunology and Extracellular Vesicle Topology
BRC006 - Novel Retinal and Genomic Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease
BRC007 - Validation of Connexins and Pannexins as a target for Alzheimer’s Disease
BRC008 - The Canadian Neurophotonics Platform
BRC009 - A National Biobank and Database for Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury
BRC010 - CBRAIN: Canadian Brain Research And Informatics Platform
BRC011 - Biomarkers for Crossing the Translational Divide in Acute Spinal Cord Injury
BRC012 - The Frontier Trial – Field Randomization of NA-1 Treatment In Early Responders
BRC013 - Targeting the Synaptic Pathway in Neurodevelopmental and Psychiatric Disorders
BRC014 - Neurobiological Correlates of TMS
C22BIO - Biomarker Development for Clinical Diagnosis of Disease Stage and Response to Treatment in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
C30VAG - The vaginal microbiome project team. Characterizing the role of the vaginal microbiome in health and disease
C31GUT - Impact of the microbiota on immune development and disease
C32EMT - Centre for Epigenome Mapping Technologies
C33EDC - An Epigenomic Data Coordination Centre for Canada
C34GBM - Modeling and Therapeutic Targeting of the Clinical and Genetic Diversity of Glioblastoma (Therapeutic Targeting of GBM)
C35AST - Epigenetic mechanisms for the development of asthma
C36HEP - Epigenetic Modifications Regulating Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Hepatocyte Differentiation
C38TRP - Canadian National Transplant Research Program: Increasing Donation and Improving Transplantation Outcomes
C39QIC - Integrating Quantitative Imaging Methods and Genomics Biomarkers to Assess the Therapeutic Response of Cancers
C40EFA - Programmatic research to understand how modifiable environmental factors interact with the genome in the development of asthma
C41EMT - Centre for Epigenome Mapping Technologies (CEMT) Phase 2
C50SAS - International Cooperation Project to Sequence the Atlantic Salmon Genome (ICSASG)
CDR001 - Inhibition of protein, protein interactions providing B5neuroprotection after an ischaemic event
CDR002 - Development of TDP1 inhibitors for use in cancer therapy
CDR003 - Therapeutic Strategies for Huntington’s Disease
CDR004 - Synthetic Platelets
CDR005 - Development of a synergistic combination of two known drugs for mycobacterial infections (TB Therapeutic)
CDR007 - Synthetic Lethality – Targeting FEN1 for more selective cancer therapy
CDR009 - Inhibitors of the CBX7-H3K27me3 epigenetic interaction for castration resistant prostate cancer
CDR011 - Anti-Influenza Therapeutics – Development of M2 Inhibitors
CDR012 - Identification of Modulators of the Mesenchymal Progenitor Cell Phenotype
CDR013 - Inhibitors of New Delhi Metallo-B-Lactamase 1
CDR014 - High-throughput Screening in C. elegans for Anthelmintics to treat Filarial Disease in the Developing World
CDR015 - Discovery and development of novel anti-bacterial drugs
CDR016 - Somatostatin 2 Receptor (SSTR2) Antagonists for the Prevention of Hypoglycemia
COV011 - Drug repurposing for SARS-CoV-2 infection using human organoid culture technology
COV024 - Learning in a Time of Crisis: Creating a Canadian COVID-19 Registry
COV033 - Rapid release of an easily accessible SARS-CoV-2 genome analysis pipeline
COV040 - Structure-guided design of therapeutics and antibodies against COVID-19
COV050 - Characterizing Antibody Response to Emerging COVID-19 Virus (CARE COVID-19)
COV055 - Prognostication of ACE II Receptor (PACEiiR)
COV061 - Robust Man power planning models for critically ill admitted patients during a pandemic
COV067 - Filtering Facepiece Respirator Mask Sterilization Oven
COV088 - Securing Reagent Supplies and Scaling COVID-19 testing in BC
COV092 - Structural preparedness during the COVID-19 pandemic and the provision of urgent oral health care
COV105 - COVID-19 Aerosol and Droplet Suppression Cabinets to Protect Health Care Workers During Intubation
COV115 - Development of sensitive and quantitative molecular technologies for SARS-CoV-2 detection
COV142 - Real-time effectiveness of COVID19 control strategies
COV197 - Enabling FINDER for SARS-CoV-2
COV198 - BC COVID Biobank
COV199 - Genetic determinants of COVID-19: Integration of host and viral genomic data to understand the COVID-19 epidemiologic triangle
COV200 - One Health Genomics: COVID-19 Adaptation investigation in mink (and spillover to other animals) COVID-19 AIM project
DIA001 - Integration of environmental and genomic risk factors to predict fibrotic interstitial lung disease progression
DIA002 - Clinical Utility of Using Genomic Data to Assess Cardiovascular Risk and Guide Lipid-lowering Therapy in Patients with High Risk of Premature Cardiovascular Disease
DIA007 - Identifying molecular surrogates of optimal immunosuppression by leveraging short- and long-term outcomes in heart transplantation
DIA008 - A multi-omics approach to identify prognostic biomarkers for fibrosis in hereditary hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
E01MTP - Metagenomics to assess impacts of the Mount Polley Mine tailings dam breach on associated ecosystems
E02AFV - Genomic Analysis of Wetland Sediment as a Tool for Avian Influenza Virus Surveillance in Wild Waterfowl
E03DIV - Divseek Canada: Harnessing Genomics to Accelerate Crop Improvement in Canada
E04COV - Responding to Emerging Serious Pathogen Outbreaks using Next-gen Data: RESPOND
E06SBC - SARS–CoV–2 Study for Eased Restrictions in British Columbia (SAfER BC)
EEGUBC - Genomics Research Entrepreneurship to Accelerate Translation (GREAT)
G01SMA - SMAC- Sharing Mycobacterial Analytic Capacity
G02IDE - GEL-GBC Rare Disease Pilot Study
G05CHS - Canadian Network for Learning Healthcare Systems and Cost-Effective ‘Omics Innovation (CLEO)
G06BOC - Barriers and Opportunities for Commercialization of Gene-Edited Beef and Dairy Products
GEN001 - Quantifying the value of genomics-driven healthcare for children with rare diseases: a multi-country economic analysis
GEN002 - Valorization of pulp & paper residues as slow-release nutrient amendments for enhanced bioremediation of mine influenced water and disturbed mine and forestry sites
GEN003 - The KetoBrick Platform: Biosynthesis of value-added chemicals from photosynthetic intermediates
GEN004 - Tracking Fish Health in the Nass River Watershed to Alleviate Mining Activity Impacts
GEN005 - Biological upgrading of lignin in black liquor
GEN006 - Spruce-Pine-Fir ratio determination in wood chip piles
GEN007 - Stakeholders Targeting Emerging Anti-Microbial Resistant Organism to Learn Lessons and Evaluate Response (SteAMRoller)
GEN008 - Project ACE
GEN009 - New tools to forecast and prevent norovirus contamination of farmed oysters
GEN010 - 3D printed pancreatic tissue from genetically engineered stem cells for diabetes
GEN011 - Genomic tools for Kokanee salmon stock assessment and broodstock identification in changing environments
GEN012 - Sockeye Salmon Genetic Tools to Inform Sustainable Fisheries and Rebuild At-Risk Populations
GEN013 - Developing an effective, accessible, and affordable SNP genotyping set for the advancement of noninvasive grizzly bear monitoring in British Columbia
GEN015 - Opening of a functional genomic window on anaerobic co-digestion of mixed agricultural waste for enhanced biogas production
GEN017 - Generation of phenotype and genomic resources needed for drought tolerance selection in ponderosa pine
GEN018 - The Advancing Cardiac Care Unit-based Rapid Assessment and Treatment of hypErcholesterolemia (ACCURATE) study
GEN019 - Evaluation of Pacific Coastal Seaweeds and Hydroponic Fodder as Feed Additives to Produce Premium Authentic Japanese Style Beef
GEN020 - CEDaR B2: Cedar Enhanced Durability and Resistance to Blight & Browse
GEN022 - Landscape-level genetic diversity for resilient future forests
GEN023 - Rapid phenotyping to improve forest resilience to climatic extremes
GEN024 - Genomics-based identification and development of diagnostic methods for detection of novel virus disease in BC blueberry farm and nursery industries
GEN030 - Genomic Ecological Microbial Source Tracking for Oceans Nature and the Environment (GEMSTONE)
GIR001 - Developing disease resistant and climate change resilient hop varieties to re-establish BC as a global hop production center
GIR002 - KelpGen: Genomic Tools for Preserving and Restoring Canada’s Kelp Forests
GIR003 - Optimize soil-plant interactions to maximize root exudation that increases carbon sequestration and agroecosystem resiliency
GIR004 - Adapting cannabis for outdoor production to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
GIR005 - Building on past success: leveraging genomic data from cereal pathogens to develop a biovigilance strategy
GIR006 - Identifying climatic determinants of pollinator health
GIR007 - Biocontrol of Bacterial Blight in Berries Using Bacteriophages
GIR008 - Genomic tools for predicting climate change resilience in Chinook Salmon
PGE001 - A pilot genomic education program for family nurse practitioners
PIF001 - Isolatrix: An Innovative Method for Single Cell Isolation Using Inkjet Printing
PIF002 - Identification of the target sites of a new acaricide against the honey bee parasite, Varroa destructor
PIF003 - A DNA-based global positioning system
PIF004 - Fiber–based approach to scalable single–protein analysis
PIF005 - Tope-seq: A high-throughput platform to discover and characterize T-cell receptor reactivity for advancing safe and effective immunotherapies
PIF006 - Breaking the blood group barrier for kidney transplantations
POC001 - Sequencing and comparative genome mapping of Chardonnay grapevine clones- Identification of genes for industry relevant traits and new markers for grapevine selection, breeding and viticulture
POC002 - Application of next-generation sequencing technologies to clinical testing in hereditary cancer syndromes
POC003 - Signal Detection Development for Sequence Specific SCODA
POC004 - Development and commercialization of standardized reagents and guidelines for mass spectrometry-based proteomics
POC005 - Development of expression signatures to improve diagnosis and prognosis for patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer
POC006 - Commercial development of short interfering RNA-lipid nanoparticles (siRNA-LNP) for in vivo functional genomics
POC007 - Pre-clinical Development of Pentarix- a therapeutic vaccine for HPV-associated cancers
POC008 - Temperature-sensitive Salmonella veterinary vaccines
POC009 - Chemogenomics-Driven Advancement of a Novel Class of Anti-Androgen Therapeutics
POC010 - New chemical tools for enriching and analyzing epigenetic signatures
POC011 - Identification of Novel Broad-Spectrum Drug Targets and Small Molecule Inhibitors for Antibiotic-Resistant Gram-negative Pathogens using a Revolutionary Indel-Targeting Approach
POC012 - Use of the Ion Torrent Next Generation Sequencing Platform for Rapid and Accurate Diagnosis of Childhood Cancers
POC013 - Salmon Anaemia Virus Epidemic Reduction Strategy (SAVERS)
POC014 - Minimally Invasive Curved Intramedullary Fixation for the Pelvis
POC015 - Novel Influenza Neuraminidase Inhibitors – Development of Orally Bioavailable Agents with Reduced Propensity for Resistance
POC016 - Pre-commercial Development of Single Cell Monoclonal Antibody Selection
POC017 - New Peptide Therapeutic for Treatment of Addiction
POC019 - Implementation of mussel genomics into wastewater management (H2OME)
POC021 - Accelerating the development of a novel outer membrane protein based vaccine against Chlamydia infection
POC022 - Intravesical Docetaxel Formulation for the Treatment of Ta/T1 Stage Bladder Cancer
POC023 - Commercial Development of Lipid Nanoparticle Reagents for Functional Genomics in Difficult-to-Transfect Cells In Vitro and In Vivo
POC024 - Pre-commercial development of high-performance microfluidic single-cell whole genome amplification
POC025 - Simultaneous Lung and Cardiac Gated Radiotherapy using Electrical Impedance Technology: Prototype Development
POC026 - Raman Quantification of Cancer Biomarkers for Early Lung Cancer Detection
POC027 - Chemical suppressors of nonsense mutations for the treatment of genetic disorders
R01MBT - Advanced Marine Biotechnology toolbox for accessing the uncultivated marine microbial biodiversity and its novel biomolecules (MarBioTech)
R02MSE - Protist Metabolome Screening (Promise)
R03DIT - Droplet In-Vitro transcription/translation Enzyme IdenTification (DIVE-IT)
S06MMP - Giant Mining Microbiome
SIP001 - Functional genomics of terpene variation in medical cannabis
SIP002 - Genomics Solutions for Ecosystem Reclamation Following Mine Closure
SIP003 - Atlas of genetic variation for climate change in chinook salmon
SIP004 - Microbial activities for lignin valorization
SIP005 - In vivo genome editing by non-viral gene delivery
SIP006 - Characterization and analysis of amphibian host defence peptides as potential antibiotics
SIP007 - Primary Immunodeficiency Discovery Hub
SIP008 - Using Genomics to Improve the Care of Patients with Familial Hypercholesterolemia
SIP009 - Epigenetic adaptations of plants to climate change
SIP010 - Testing the conceptual foundations of assisted migration for species facing climate change
SIP011 - Adaptive capacities of microbiomes converting wastewatergrown microalgae into biomethane
SIP012 - Spruce tree and spruce beetle genomics for response to a growing infestation
SIP013 - Climate change mitigation through algal bioproduction
SIP014 - Transcriptome and metabolite profiling of crop-pest interactions under elevated CO2
SIP015 - Relationship between external and internal microbiomes in normal and compromised airways
SIP016 - Understanding the algal microbiomes living on alpine snowfields in south-western B.C.
SIP017 - Genomics of viruses and microbial symbionts of spotted wing Drosophila
SIP018 - Modeling the influence of virus-microbiome relationships in type 1 diabetes
SIP019 - Subsurface microbiome responses to fugitive natural gas
SIP020 - Unified Pathogen Control One Health Approach Specifically Targeting Vibrio (UPCOAST-V)
SIP021 - “One Health” Syst-Omics Approach to Reduce Campylobacter in Agrifood Chain
SIP022 - Unified Pathogen Control One Health Approach Specifically Targeting Norovirus (UPCOAST-N)
SIP023 - Accurate Microbial-diversity Estimation In Disturbed Systems (AMENDS)
SIP024 - Using eDNA for Pacific Salmon Stock Assessments
SIP025 - Use of digital PCR technology to measure abundance of aquatic microbes and its utilization to reduce prevalence of Kudoa thyrsites infections in farmed Atlantic salmon
SIP026 - Constructing a complete mitogenome and nuclear rDNA reference library for BC’s freshwater fish to enable defensible eDNA metabarcoding data for regulatory and industry purposes
SIP027 - Development of rapid eDNA based rapid monitoring tools for improved wastewater treatment process control
SIP028 - Single Erythrocyte HbA1c Distribution Assay
SIP029 - Endo-phenotyping of Human Alveolar Macrophages from Bronchoalveolar Lavage (BAL)
SIP030 - Application of single-cell genomics to unravel origin and evolution of devastating crop pathogens
SIP031 - From multi-omics integration to computational modelling for high resolution human biology
SIP032 - Blood single-cell RNA sequencing of fibrotic interstitial lung disease subtypes
SIRIUS - Xigris Companion Diagnostic (XCD)
SOC001 - Citizens’ preferences for next generation sequencing technologies in biomedical research and medicine: a mixed methods approach
SOC002 - Indigenous Peoples and Genomics: Starting a conversation
SOC003 - Empirical and Philosophical Analysis of Ethical Issues in the use of Whole Genome Sequencing for the surveillance and outbreak investigation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in British Columbia
SOC004 - Implementing Genomics in the Neonatal Period
SOC005 - Understanding the Perceived Risks and Benefits of Agricultural Applications of Gene Editing
SOC006 - Connecting Genomics with First Nations values and interests- Development of an educational tool with the Heiltsuk Nation
SOC007 - Examining Public Beliefs about the Ethics of Genetically Modifying Livestock
SOC008 - Dairy 2.0 – Exploring policy implications and public perceptions of cellular agriculture
SOC009 - The Regulatory Environment for Gene-Edited Crops: A Cross-National Comparison of the Suitability and Preparedness of Existing Frameworks
SOF101 - Flow Sorting Facility at BC Cancer Agency
SOF102 - Development of a Health Assessment Tool for Marine Mussels (Myt-OME)
SOF103 - Mycorrhizal Fungal Ecology- A Genomic Approach for Improved Forest Management
SOF104 - FrogSCOPE (frog Sentinel species Comparative
SOF105 - Conifer Genome Exploration
SOF106 - Sablefish Genomics
SOF107 - Development of Efficient Algorithms and Technologies for Structural Variation Detection by Single Molecule Sequencing
SOF108 - CAE/BC Biolibrary Project- Guidelines, Protocols and Policies
SOF109 - Building the Genomics Toolbox for Lavenders
SOF110 - Time Resolved Community Genomics of Subarctic Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zones
SOF111 - PCR-free, Sequence-specific Nucleic Acid Detection
SOF112 - High-throughput Bacterial Transcriptome Mapping- A Case Study
SOF113 - Conifer Hybrid Zones as Genomic Laboratories for Adaptation to New Climates
SOF114 - Environmental Genomics of RNA Viruses
SOF115 - Barcoding of BC Ectomycorrhizal Mushrooms
SOF116 - Splice-Variant Profiling of Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels- Implications for Human Genetic Disorders
SOF117 - The application of high throughput DNA sequencing in the identification of hybrid poplar feedstock varieties for the biofuels industry
SOF118 - Novel DNA-Integration Tools for an International Consortium
SOF119 - Short Sequence Assembly and Finishing of Large Genomes
SOF120 - Optimization of Pyruvate Kinase Inhibitor Lead Compounds as Novel Therapeutics for the Treatment of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Infections
SOF121 - Rapid Evolution of a clinical high-throughput DNA sequencing pipeline to next-generation sequencing
SOF122 - Characterizing a bacterial recombinome
SOF123 - Development of a high-throughput proteomics platform for biomarker verification
SOF124 - Adaptive molecular evolution in a unique British Columbia community- Population genomics of Haida Gwaii
SOF125 - Functional Characterization of the Transcriptional Network Driving Mammalian Brain Development
SOF126 - Development of a gene expression-based high-throughput screening platform for human T regulatory cell differentiation
SOF127 - Using Methods of Chemical Genomics for Developing Potent Androgen Receptor Inhibitors with a Novel Mode of Action
SOF128 - Linking Infectious Agents and Cancer – A Metagenomics Approach
SOF130 - Population transcriptomics- harnessing next-generation sequencing technologies for adaptive genetic marker discovery to inform studies in ecology, evolution and conservation
SOF131 - Poplar and cereal rust comparative genomics- identification of pathogen determinants to prevent and predict epidemics
SOF132 - Development of a high-throughput platform to rapidly translate genomic discoveries into therapeutic cancer vaccines
SOF133 - Antisense PET Imaging of mRNA Expression Using F-18 Labeled CPP-PNA and CPP-Oligonucleotide Radiopharmaceuticals
SOF134 - Vaccinomics for animal disease
SOF135 - Detecting and Characterizing Chimeric Transcripts in Mouse Tissues
SOF136 - Using Science, Technology, and Society Studies Research to Move Genomics Discoveries from Bench to Bedside- Identification of Data Integration and Sociotechnical Issues Arising in Personalized Medicine & Translational Bioinformatics
SOF137 - Simplifying Complex Genome Generation
SOF138 - Bioinformatic Identification of Optimal Targets and Therapeutic Antibody Development in Oncology
SOF139 - Synergizing -omics to discover treatable intellectual disabilities
SOF140 - One-Step 18F-Labeling – Development of Clinically Useful PET Imaging Agents
SOF141 - Development of an actionable molecular test for risk assessment of oral precancers
SOF142 - Harnessing cladoniamide biosynthesis for colon cancer therapy
SOF143 - Single Virus Genomics: Adoption and Optimization of Single Cell Technologies
SOF144 - Metagenomic analysis of lung infiltrates in patients with leukemia
SOF145 - Molecular and physiological characterization of early ripening events in grapevine
SOF146 - Modeling Human Lymphoma Mutations in Mice
SOF147 - Advanced Assembly Assessment and Annotation
SOF148 - Development for a new antibiotic for methicillin resistant Staphyloccocal aureus: production, derivatives and resistance
SOF149 - Deep Sequencing of Marine Biodiversity: Speciation Genes in Sea Stars
SOF150 - BC Wild Mushrooms – Developing a Library of Chemical Fractions for Assessment of Biological Activities
SOF151 - Development of a non-invasive, digital PCR-based molecular test for risk of oral cancer progression
SOF152 - Defining the Mouse Cytome
SOF153 - Genetic Engineering for Photosynthetic Proteins for Solar Energy
SOF154 - Optimization of ‘Ultra-Low-Input’ (ULI)-Chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by Next Generation Sequencing (ChIP-seq) for rare in vivo samples
SOFi03 - Barracuda Technology Port and Application Expansion
SOFi04 - Genetic Improvement of a Novel Yeast to Produce Commercially Important Chemicals from Xylose
SOFi05 - National Access Project For Cancer Testing
SOFi06 - Comparison of the efficacy of anti-PCSK9 biologics in the treatment of sepsis.
SOFi07 - QBECO Site Specific Immunomodulator for Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis
TDIF01 - Rapid and Cost Effective Mutation Validation by Microfluidic Sequence Targeting
TDIF02 - Microfluidics Technologies to Separate Cells based on Rigidity
TDIF03 - A microfluidic nanoparticle formulator for systemically deliverable genetic materials
TDIF04 - A Smart Drilling Tool for Distal Locking of Intramedullary Nails
UPP001 - Implementation of genomics selection in coastal Douglas-fir breeding program: capture of mature traits in advanced generation breeding
UPP002 - Western redcedar multi-trait genomic selection
UPP003 - Genomic solutions for informing sockeye repatriation and kokanee fisheries management
UPP004 - Development of innovative tools for the environmental assessment of metal contaminated sites
UPP005 - Evaluation of Genomic Testing of Dairy Heifers
UPP006 - Simeprevir screening assay for hepatitis C therapy
UPP007 - Genomics for Precision Drug Therapy in the Community Pharmacy
UPP008 - Microbial community structure and function in hydraulic fracturing fluids associated with BC shale gas reservoirs
UPP009 - Microbial community structure and dynamics associated with controlled biofuel release in laboratory settings
UPP010 - The Implementation of Pharmacogenomics into Primary Care in British Columbia
UPP011 - Application of DNA microarray technologies to clinical testing in hereditary cancer syndromes
UPP013 - Economic Rationale and Implementation Mechanisms for Climate-Based Seed Transfer
UPP014 - Reference Genome Sequences for Apple and Sweet Cherry Licensing Enforcement
UPP015 - A metagenomic survey of yeast populations in two Okanagan wineries
UPP016 - Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections in Bone Marrow Transplant Patients
UPP017 - Northern Biobank Initiative: Phase 2
UPP018 - Genomic Basis of Variation in Hypoxia Tolerance in Atlantic Salmon
UPP019 - RAPIDOMICS – Rapid Genome Wide Sequencing in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
UPP020 - DNA-Based Tool for Monitoring and Validating Stormwater Treatment Wetlands
UPP021 - Development and Validation of Environmental DNA (eDNA) methods; Case Study White Sturgeon
UPP022 - Long-term impacts of biosolids on soil microbial communities during mine tailings reclamation
UPP023 - Genomic differentiation among Northern Goshawks of coastal BC
UPP024 - Natural Attenuation and Phytoremediation of Fracking Fluids
UPP025 - Genomic Analysis of Wetland Sediment as a Tool for Avian Influenza Surveillance and Prevention
UPP026 - Field-applicable monitoring and process-control of industrial mine water treatment bioreactors
UPP027 - Evaluation of a Next Generation Sequencing Diagnostic Tool for Detection of Strawberry Viruses
UPP028 - Validation of a next generation-based method for virus/viroid detection in propagative tree fruit material
UPP029 - Development, validation and worldwide dissemination of a standard and ‘Next Generation’ Deep Sequence Assay of HCV, and application to a longitudinal analysis in a very well characterized PWID cohort
UPP030 - SAVE BC, the Study to Avoid CardioVascular Events in British Columbia
UPP031 - Pharmacogenomic Services in Community Pharmacy: Phase 2 Proof of Deployment
UPP032 - Bacterial Source Tracking to improve the health of two urban streams in Vernon, B.C.
UPP033 - Development of an automated coring and nucleic acids extraction platform for FFPE tissue blocks
UPP034 - Synthetic Biology Solutions for Detoxification of Oil Sands Process Affected Water (OSPW)
VAC007 - Canadian COVID-19 Emergency Department Rapid Response Network: Real-World Vaccine Effectiveness of Variants of Concern in British Columbia
VAC008 - COVID-19 Sequencing and Modelling Integrated with Laboratory and Epidemiological Sources (SMILES)
VAC009 - COVID-19 vaccine immunity in persons with and without HIV
ViDa - Research and Development of a Novel Treatment for Hypertrophic Scarring and Keloids
X01CBP - Automation of the Clinical Bioinformatics Pipeline at the Centre for Clinical Genomics
X02CPO - Detection and Tracking of Carbapenemase-producing organisms (CPOs)
Total: 455