Volunteer with us!

Geneskool Volunteers

Genome BC Geneskool volunteers are passionate about science, learning and contributing to community. We are role models for the next generation of scientists and commit to:

  • Connect students to the scientific community through our own experiences.
  • Enhance students’ curiosity and appreciation for the natural world.
  • Develop an engaged and educated citizenry.

Why volunteer with Genome BC:

  • A unique opportunity to engage students from all compass points of the province in hands-on experiences related to genetics/genomics.
  • Development of transferable leadership and communication skills through a combination of direct experience, feedback from educators and in-house training.
  • Receive career support in the form of letters of reference and networking opportunities amongst peers and Genome BC staff.

What Genome BC expects from our volunteers:

  • Commitment and pride in being a role model to youth.
  • A demonstrated passion for life sciences in British Columbia.
  • To be part of a supportive team of volunteers and staff.
  • To have fun!

Meet some of our dedicated volunteers!

  • Volunteer Spotlight: Randi
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Aaron


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us. To sign up to volunteer please fill out this form: https://airtable.com/shrSXijMh86dYSQyL

Volunteering during COVID-19: We are committing to keeping our volunteers and students safe during COVID-19. We are closely monitoring COVID-19, and acting in accordance with the latest recommendations from BC CDC and the Provincial Health Services Authority. If you have any questions please contact education@genomebc.ca

What is Genome BC Geneskool?

Genome BC Geneskool is the umbrella term given to all Genome BC outreach programs geared towards 14-18 year olds. The components of the program include:

Classroom Workshops
Hands-on science presentations and activities delivered by volunteer scientists/students of science in classrooms across BC.

Full Day Campus Workshops
Partnering with post-secondary institutions, we offer themed full-day field trips in which students work in a real laboratory and utilize equipment they may not have access to.

Travelling Suitcase Exhibits
These portable displays are loaned out for 2-weeks at a time and are packed with hands-on activities, articles, books, DVDs on various life science and genomics topics relevant to BC.

Summer Science Program for Teens
An immersive one-week summer camp in which teens learn a suite of molecular biology techniques in a university laboratory and apply their knowledge to solve a mystery.

Community Events
Genome BC Geneskool partners with organizations to provide hands-on activities facilitated by volunteers to communities across BC.

Teacher Professional Development
Genome BC Geneskool delivers professional development workshops to teachers wanting to integrate more genetics and genomics content into their classroom.


We engage and educate BC youth in genomics through our volunteer program and by creating fun resources that equip students with scientific knowledge, skills and habits of mind.

We want to develop citizens of BC that think scientifically, solve challenges and make ethical decisions about genomics in ways that will boost the future social and economic prosperity of our province.


A British Columbia where genomics is part of mainstream society.