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Here you will find information articles explaining some concepts in genomics, including the risks and benefits of genomics research.

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Genetic Testing
You just found out that you are expecting a baby. At first, you are very excited but then all these questions pop up in your head. Is it a boy or a girl? Will the baby be blond like mommy, or have daddy’s brown curls? Could the baby have Down syndrome?

You feel young and healthy and your life is going really well but you have a nagging thought in the back of your mind. There is a genetic condition in your family that does not show symptoms until about 40 years of age. Will you be affected?

Some of these questions can now be answered with the help of genetic testing.
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Evolution: we’ve heard the term many times, but what does it mean? Some people think that evolution is simply change over time, but in biology, there’s much more to evolution than change. Others say that evolution is “survival of the fittest,” but does that mean that going to the gym will give you an evolutionary advantage? Not necessarily. Read on to find out more about evolution.

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