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Animations and Videos

DNA Microarray Animation - Outlines various genetic applications and research techniques, such as gene expression profiling, protein microarrays, and comparative genomic hybridization arrays and it also highlights how these techniques are used in real life applications.

Gene Expression Animation - Visually depicts the process of gene expression, including the processes of transcription and translation.  It follows the events that trigger gene expression and highlights how a protein is processed to acquire its specific structure and function.

Greatest Drug in the World Video - This film defines and presents a realistic view of personalized medicine, with a specific focus on pharmacogenomics. It begins with an infomercial that exaggerates the current state of medicine and then transitions to the reality of personalized medicine today and in the near future.

Mitosis Animation - Helps to visually describe the process of mitosis.  In addition, the written text in the animation helps highlight the important events that occur during mitosis.

Natural Selection Video - Christie, a deaf female who has struggled with her inability to have children, visits a fertility clinic with her friend Michelle. After meeting with a genetic counselor and learning about the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) they develop a greater understanding of the genetic basis of some forms of deafness has made it possible to select for or against a deaf child. The pair reflects on the social and ethical implications surrounding IVF/PGD from the perspective of the deaf community.

Sequence Me Video + writing exercise - Set in the future when sequencing technology is readily available to the public, this short film follows the journey of a young man who decides to sequence his genome after his sister dies of a genetic disorder.

Spiralwoman: Tackling the Controversies of Genetics Video - Spiralwoman is a genetics professor by day and a scientific superhero by night. The film will alternate between her science lectures to her class introducing genetics and the controversies surrounding its study, and her adventures at night ensuring that our manipulation of genes remains within ethical boundaries.

What is Genomics? Animation - Defines and describes the various aspects of genomics and the direction genomics research is heading.  Canadian research examples are provided to help students make a context for the genomics language and techniques they have learned in the classroom.