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Hands-On Activities

Alien Babies - Students will learn about inheritance from parent to child using two parent aliens and their alien babies as a model.  Student will “cross” their two alien parents to discover how phenotypic traits end up in the alien offspring.

Bees Beetles DNA - Students will analyze DNA to uncover different types of mutations.  The goal of the activity is to help students discover the potential downstream effects of different types of mutations.

DNA Code Bracelet - Students will apply the DNA code to make a bracelet representing their names.  They will also have a chance to review the structure of DNA and the gene to protein process.

DNA Extraction - Students will extract DNA from fruit.  Students will learn where DNA is found, how it is extracted, and what it looks like.

Edible DNA - Students will make an edible model of DNA out of candy while they review the genetic code.  While making their models, students will have the opportunity to review the physical structure of DNA and base pairing.

Food Forensics - Students will learn about how genetic fingerprinting is used to trace food borne illnesses.

Lost in Translation - Students will decode genetic information to build an insect. The goal of this activity is to help students discover how the presence of a DNA mutation may affect an insect’s physiology.