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Teacher Classroom Resources

In addition to our Genome BC Geneskool outreach program, we also provide an array of articles, hands on activities, animations and videos and case studies. Teachers are invited to explore these resources and incorporate them into their lesson plans where applicable.

Animations and Videos

Watch these short animations and videos with your students to give them a visual description and a greater understanding of complex topics such as genomics and genome sequencing.   Each one is accompanied by student worksheets and a teacher’s key and notes and/or discussion questions, writing exercises and activities.


Over a dozen short, informative articles are available for students and teachers to further explore topics such as evolution, personalized medicine and genetic testing.

Case Studies

These thought-provoking case studies will be sure to pique the interest of students. Each one will introduce genetics and explore genetic links in various diseases covered in the Biology 12 curriculum including heart disease and anemia.

Case studies can also be used with the IB (International Baccalaureate) and AP (Advanced Placement) Biology curriculum. Most case studies require background knowledge of pedigrees, genetic mutations and the different types of inheritance, which are topics often covered in these advanced courses. Each case study includes prepared student questions and teacher answer keys.

Hands-On Activities

All of these fun, interactive activities will allow students to explore science in a new and interesting way. Activities include Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs), instructions on how to use the activity in the classroom and helpful links for more information.