Summer Science Program for Teens

Genome BC’s Geneskool™ Summer Science Program for Teens is a fun way to explore genomics while solving a puzzling forensics mystery. 

Each year, secondary school students use hands-on molecular biology techniques to solve a forensics mystery. Facilitated by practicing scientists, participants must use critical thinking, teamwork, and rigorous scientific skills to pull together the narrative fragments and close the case.  

Watch this space for dates and times for next year’s program.  

What past students say about the Summer Science Program

“The crime scenes and the guest speakers plus the level of details and all the hard work put into teaching about genes and forensics in a very fun way”

“Interrogating the suspects and inspecting the crime scenes – I felt like a real detective/forensic scientist”

“I loved hearing about career paths in science that people have taken, especially from the volunteers and guest speakers”

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