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Fast Facts

September 19: Inspiring young girls in STEM!

September 18: Unraveling family history through DNA tests

September 15: Yoga & meditation can reverse molecular reactions in our DNA which cause disease and depression

September 14: Sickle cell patients may be the first to be treated with CRISPR

September 13: Computer-security methods could help identify disease causing genes & protect patient's privacy

September 12: The mystery of Dark DNA & what it says about evolution

September 11: DNA tests may not change health habits. Are you surprised?

September 5: Partnership between UBC, U of T  & Laurentian U to remediate the toxicity of tailings and effluent waters in mining

August 28: Not just a boring fruit in your lunch bag! Geneticists trace apple's lineage all the way to the Silk Road

August 25: 2/3 of 1600 survey respondents find genetic editing generally "acceptable.

August 24: 5 reasons to be excited about genomics

August 23: Hacking using DNA! First DNA exploit of a computer system

August 22: Local UBC research aims to identify genetic mutations that cause epilepsy

August 21: Pigs as organ donors? Gene editing may offer hope for transplanting pig organs into humans

August 18: First genetically engineered salmon hits the market in Canada

August 17: Focus on genomic medicine rather than headlines about gene-editing embryos.

August 16: Dive into the complexity of a genome- what's in a genome? An exploration by @Juggling_Doctor

August 15: Designer babies closer to science fiction than science. The truth of embryo editing

August 14: 83% of Canadians want mandatory GMO labels, but majority do not understand what they are

August 8: Synthetic Biology and GE³LS: The benefits of a total field view

August 4: Tangled in mystery: How 6 feet of DNA squeezes into nearly every cell of our body

August 3: Buried landmines could be detected with genetically modified bacteria

August 2: Patients with ALS, other neurological disorders look to gene-silencing drug for hope

August 1: Hepatitis C treatment: Genes found that calibrate how our immune system affects virus

July 31: DNA ‘rock science’ helps wring more crude oil from shale rock, boosting supply

July 28: CRISPR’s long ‘natural history’ in microbes predated its recent ‘miracle’ applications

July 27: FDA approves 23andMe direct-to-consumer genetic tests for 10 diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s

July 26: Brain, ovarian cancers linked to new gene mutations in two studies

July 25: Pure bad luck? Two-thirds of cancer mutations may come from random DNA errors

July 24: How does space change your genetics? Astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly explain

July 21: On the horizon: Genes pointing to potential Parkinson's disease therapies

July 20: Age of Alzheimer’s onset accurately predicted by test of 31 genetic markers, study finds

July 19: Cancer’s weak spots identified with CRISPR, gene editing

July 18: Leukemia and corn: Treatment may arise from studying mutations in kernels

July 17: ‘Live vaccines’: Recoding bacteria’s genome could lead to more effective immunizations

July 13: Treatment for Alzheimer’s, heart disease may be hidden in genes of Icelandic people

July 12: 1 in 5 women with breast cancer could be helped by drugs targeting BRCA genes

July 11: Building synthetic life: Yeast experiments pave way for new drugs, treatments

July 10: Cystic fibrosis, sickle-cell anemia could be corrected in embryos with new CRISPR variant

July 7: Sickle cell cure? Patient in complete remission following gene therapy

July 6: How the woolly mammoth met its end: DNA analysis reveals ‘genomic meltdown’

July 5: Nature’s hard drive: All of the world’s data could be stored in DNA–in one room

July 4: Next big thing in the world of crime solving: Epigenetics?

July 3: 20 percent of cancer patients resistant to chemotherapy — tweaking gene expression could help

June 30: What Is Gene Editing? Here's What It Could Mean For Parents

June 29: ‘Netflix for genetics’: Will DNA-based lifestyle guides become the latest health craze?

June 28: Video: Understand the difference between genetics and genomics in 1 minute

June 27: Scientists lay ground rules for rewriting human DNA

June 26: Gene therapy for Fabry disease – A world first

June 23: Excessive hand washing? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) linked to gene mutations associated with autism

June 22: Cancer patients can learn ‘good and bad news’ by sequencing their disease genome

June 21: What role should society play in decisions about gene editing of human germline?

June 20: To test or not to test? When is genetic screening for diseases a smart move?

June 19: Can personalized medicine help those with chronic diseases that have environmental triggers?

June 16: Solving crimes with DNA evidence: Fact and fiction

June 15: NASA: Year in space by astronaut twins altered how their genes work

June 14: Hoping for a baby? New DNA test identifies fertility risk factors in women

June 13: For people with congenital hearing loss, gene therapy successful in mice offers promise

June 12: Will you win the cancer treatment lottery? It’s in the genes

June 8: Smartphone app diagnoses genetic diseases with a snapshot

June 7: Your roommate’s genes could influence your health and behaviour

June 6: Breast cancer linked to genetic ‘hotspots’ formerly thought to be harmless

June 5: Brain cancer in children: Unique ‘genetic drivers’ open door to precision medical treatments

June 2: Whole genome sequencing fuels DNA ‘intelligence revolution’

June 1: Spread of pancreatic cancer fueled by epigenetic changes

May 31: ‘Social network’ of genes could reveal disease pathways

May 30: Syndactyly: Family’s ‘fused fingers’ deformity sheds light on human genome

May 29: Biology and genetic engineering innovations converging in 2017 to ‘blow our minds’

May 26: Random acts of kindness may be fueled by microbes

May 25: ‘Dark genome’ could yield answers to complex genetic diseases

May 24: Lung, pancreatic cancers linked to critical gene mutation

May 23: Brains of people with autism share distinct genetic ‘signature’

May 22: Step toward synthetic life: Genetic code expanded from four to six letters

May 21: Schizophrenia linked to mutation of memory, sense-of-direction gene

May 20: Smartphone microscope could analyze DNA in the field

May 19: Elephant genetics offer promise in fight against cancer

May 18: Lack of exercise may contribute to dementia as much as genetic factors

May 17: Heart defects in babies with cleft lip and palate linked to gene defect

May 16: 5 unsolved mysteries about CRISPR

May 15: Genetic fingerprint explains prostate cancer’s aggressive growth

May 14: Hidden code regulates harmful mutations of our genome, aiding evolution

May 13: How bacteria inspired the birth of CRISPR gene editing

May 12: Cultural, social experiences may be reflected in epigenetic marks

May 11: Sequencing pioneer sets sights on $100 genome

May 10: Cancer thrives by outwitting cell’s normal self-destruct mechanism

May 9: 7 ways CRISPR gene editing could transform our lives

May 8: Fruit fly study finds eating too much sugar alters gene expression, shortens life span. Human implications?

May 5: Advances in CRISPR, gene editing helping ‘clean tech’ get off ground after years of failure

May 4: ‘Hearts-in-a-dish’: Gene editing and stem cell technologies unravel mysteries of heart disease

May 3: More than skin deep: Discrimination can influence how genes express themselves and negatively impact health

May 2: From 2016 onwards: Gene therapy’s transition from idea to revolutionary medicine

May 1: Searching for DNA in sewage may help public health officials monitor emerging diseases

April 28: Protein linked to BRCA2 gene holds potential for precise breast, ovarian cancer treatment

April 27: Genetic engineering successfully reverses aging in mice, rejuvenating organs

April 26: Discovery of gene mutations for motor disorder leads to treatment in children

April 25: Gene drive could extinguish diseases like malaria by wiping out mosquitoes

April 24: Sleep disorders share genetic connection with obesity and schizophrenia

April 20: How biotechnology is revolutionizing our lives

April 19: Guide to CRISPR gene editing revolution

April 18: Genes essential for healthy fetal development tied to autism

April 17: Gaucher, Parkinson diseases both originate from mutations on same gene

April 14: Personality genes correlate with psychiatric disorders

April 13: How one gene influences many diseases

April 12: DNA mutations can influence far away genes as easily as those close-by

April 11: How can scientists prevent unintended consequences from CRISPR gene editing?

April 10: Many patients diagnosed with a genetic disease may actually have two

April 7: Aging: Have scientists identified an RNA ‘smoking gun’?

April 6: “Intelligent” DNA helps repair cell damage and prevent tumors

April 5: Snapshots of patients’ faces may help identify genetic diseases

April 4: Mice cured of hemophilia using gene therapy shows promise for human treatment

April 3: Smog in Beijing contains bacteria with antibiotic-resistant genes, sparking public fears

March 31: “Uncombable hair syndrome” linked to rare gene mutations

March 30: Reversing aging: Cellular damage could be reversed by activating genes in mitochondria

March 29: Identical twin studies show acne mostly genetic, and linked to prostate and breast cancer

March 28: Can CRISPR gene editing restore sight?

March 27: Gene studies show coffee is no magic elixir for many diseases but does provide some unique health benefits

March 24: High achievers tend to marry people with similar DNA

March 23: Cancer can emerge from changes to epigenome, not just gene mutations

March 22: Genetics could help teachers tailor learning to individual students

March 21: Schizophrenics have fewer nerve cells in their brain due to genetic mutation

March 20: LipidSeq: Cheaper, more accurate genetic test for high cholesterol

March 17: Massive, landmark project sets to identify genetic risk of coronary disease in young people

March 16: Why laptop-sized DNA lab kit could revolutionize how children learn about genetics

March 15: Could CRISPR edit human genome to block HIV from infecting immune cells?

March 14: Genetic clues to understanding inherited deafness

March 13: CRISPR may hold key to curing muscular dystrophy

March 10: Search underway for ‘super donors’ to facilitate gene therapy

March 9: Infamous HIV “Patient Zero” declared innocent after genetic analysis

March 8: Genetics of Danish high school students reveals surprising homogeneity

March 7: Staying pregnant: Recurrent miscarriages linked to gene mutations

March 6: What humans share with viruses: Both need as few as 3,000 genes to function healthily

March 3: Sources of inherited diseases may emerge with map of complex gene interactions

March 2: Patterns found in DNA sequences associated with autism

March 1: ‘Black and white twins’: How genetics, epigenetics explain non-identical identical twins

February 28: Looking back on gene editing’s thirty years of development

February 27: ExAC: Scores of mutations once thought lethal are innocuous

February 24: Injecting genes directly into brain may treat Alzheimer’s disease

February 23: Could natural genetic transfers from bacteria to humans contribute to cancer?

February 22: Genetics of modern Irish reveal why giants are so common in country’s folklore

February 21: Male test for infertility detects epigenetic changes linked to smoking, obesity

February 20: Could doctors use DNA tests to screen for opiate addiction?

February 17: Does one genetic glitch determine risk of both autism and schizophrenia?

February 16: Autism gene? Rare tumor helps build map of how disorder works

February 15: Twin Studies: Genetics May Explain Adult ADHD, Alcohol Abuse, Binge Eating

February 14: Bipolar disorder’s genetic basis, how lithium works as treatment

February 13: Structure of primary cannabinoid receptor is revealed

February 9: Genetic switch may dictate if you crave more high-fat or high-sugar foods

February 8: Turning body’s own defenses to fight tumors: Does CAR-T work?

February 8: Our cells use genes from mother’s and father’s DNA differently

February 7: Genes tied to birth weight in infants also linked to diabetes, heart disease later in life

February 6: Gene therapy technique developed to prevent cancer metastasis shows promise

February 3: What studying rare genetic disorder teaches us about human’s ‘sixth sense’

February 2: Each of us has a genetically-programmed aging clock

February 1: Concerns about amateur scientists toying with CRISPR rise as price drops

January 31: Should genome scanning be extended to patients with no family history of diseases?

January 30: Is Gene Therapy currently as useful as predicted?

January 27: Are migraines genetic?

January 26: U of T scientists create first map of gene interactions in cells

January 25: First quadriplegic to undergo stem cell treatment can now use upper body

January 24: Going On Vacation Can Actually Change Your Gene Activity

January 23: Scientists develop stem cell techniques that uses magnets to repair bones

January 20: How genetics affects our diet and lifespan

January 19: Why do hereditary diseases stubbornly stay in human gene pool?

January 18: Beyond BRCA: New, rare genes linked to breast cancer

January 17: Low-calorie diet may delay onset of rogue elements that damage DNA

January 16: Drug administered pre-birth may stop common gene mutations from causing blindness

January 13: Scientists uncover our tongue’s sixth taste and why we love carbs

January 12: Is ‘warrior gene’ responsible for violent behaviour?

January 11: Personalized cancer treatments struggling to overcome patient deaths, severe side effects

January 10: Gene therapy to cure sickle cell anemia in final stages of development

January 9: Texas researchers plan to create national obesity genome registry

January 6: Genes play major role not only in IQ, but in academic success too

January 5: Discovery of essential genes in mice crucial to precision medicine efforts in humans

January 4: Smoking has long lasting ‘footprint’ on human genome

December 16: MIND Institute aims to conduct massive study on genetics of autism

December 15: Video: CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna gives her thoughts on future of gene editing

December 14: SkinGun’ sprays stem cells to heal burns and wounds

December 13: Kuwait’s DNA collection law could lead to mass deportations

December 12: Scientists already looking for better alternatives to CRISPR

December 9: Uses for DNA may spread to far-flung fields like archaeology and fine arts

December 8: Scientists see genes switching off in live human brains for first time

December 7: Scientists gradually identifying genes linked to depression

December 6: Gene fix for muscle wasting may help improve gene treatments, save lives

December 5: Precision medicine revolution moves to developing world

December 2: German institute deploys transgenics to fight harmful insects without toxins

December 1: Synthetic biology launches into new frontier

November 30: Faulty stem cell clinics proliferate in Australia, leading to deaths

November 29: Genes may play key role in timing of your first child, number of children you have

November 28: Gene mutation linked to aggression and healthy body weight

November 25: Genetics key to why world’s greatest solo climber doesn’t feel fear

November 24: Curing diseases with embryonic stem cells proving to be much harder than expected

November 23: Everything you need to know about CRISPR gene editing

November 22: Video: DNA looks much different than what you might think

November 21: Athletes are keeping their distance from a genetic test for concussion risks

November 18: CRISPR gene editing may help treat sickle cell disease

November 17: Cancer survivors at high risk to develop obesity

November 16: Large genetic database reveals how our individual DNA differs

November 15: World celebrates 155th birthday of Nettie Stevens who discovered sex chromosomes

November 14: Why haven’t we cured cancer? 

November 10: New “ink” allows experts to view effects of stem cells in real-time

November 9: Where does cloning stand 20 years after Dolly the sheep?

November 8: Food fraud: How do we fight a problem we don’t yet understand?

November 7: Women may be more resilient to Alzheimer’s genes than men

November 4: Can gene therapy reverse aging?

November 3: After 8 years and $8 million, gene therapy begins for 12-year-old with rare neurological disorder

November 2: CRISPR gene editing could eliminate AIDS virus

November 1: Synthetic bacteria programmed to deliver cancer drugs inside body directly to tumour

October 31: First human CRISPR trial to be conducted in China to treat lung cancer

October 28: Two genes linked to enhanced breast cancer survival identified

October 27: DNA accounts for almost 10% of academic achievement, scientists find

October 26: Scientists suspect link between red hair, freckles and skin cancer

October 25: Ribosomal DNA may hold key to heritable diseases

October 24: Scientists achieve breakthrough in large-scale stem cell production

October 21: Can genetics determine your perfect diet?

October 20: Healthy and elderly? Genes for cognitive function matter more than those for longevity

October 19: UBC Scientists discover virus that steals CRISPR machinery from bacteria

October 18: Scientists can now deliver medicine with DNA ‘cage’ and flash of light

October 17: Gene therapy now consistently and effectively treating hemophilia

October 14: Will self-limiting gene drive alleviate concerns over technology’s use?

October 13: US Federal panel gives first us of CRISPR in humans green light

October 12: Seagulls may aid spread of E. coli strain that resists ‘last-resort antibiotic’

October 11: What determines our personality: Genetics, environment, or both?

October 7: Germs found on transit system barely pose threat, despite popular beliefs

October 6: Scientists believe they have uncovered all major genes linked to bowel cancer

October 5: No single ‘fountain of youth’ yet identified in genome

October 4: What can a year in space do to your genes?

October 3: Genetic evidence may direct Alzheimer’s research away from amyloid beta as disease’s cause

September 30: Analyses of gene activity may yield clues to roots of autism

September 29: NFL’s 49ers, biotech company join forces to recruiting fans for genome research

September 28: Can silencing of gene for ‘love hormone’ reduce sociability?

September 27: China aims to lead as global superpower in precision medicine

September 26: Why we don’t inherit our father’s mitochondrial DNA

September 23: Travelling abroad can incorporate new genes into your DNA

September 22: ‘New era of medicine?’ First children cured of genetic diseases with gene therapy

September 21: Genes can predict success in life, but not happiness

September 20: FDA chief promotes new online tool for Precision Medicine Initiative

September 19: Breakthroughs in growing human tissue create excitement in biotech market

September 16: CRISPR may revolutionize disease diagnostics

September 15: Massive genomic study identifies six types of liver cancer

September 14: Synthetic biologists fight snake venom with engineered DNA

September 13: Real-life ‘X-men’ present surprising genetic anomalies and ‘superhuman’ abilities

September 12: How much is athletic ability influenced by genes?

September 9: CRISPR can edit RNA, scientists report

September 8: Gene database promises greater accuracy to breast cancer risk assessment

September 7: UBC scientists and team have identified a mutation strongly associated with the progressive form of multiple sclerosis (MS).

September 6: Fathers’ lifestyle, age affect children’s epigenome

September 2: Massive analysis of genetic data reveals genes behind various traits, diseases

September 1: Scientists identify genes behind nose shape

August 31: Is our understanding of genetics approaching an historic turning point?

August 30: Genes may be responsible for chronic pain

August 29: Common genetic risk links autism to epilepsy

August 26: Children of older dads at higher risk for psychiatric disorders: Is mutated sperm to blame?

August 25: Your our genes may influence what microbes reside in your gut

August 24: Scientists hope largest ever coral gene database can help save ocean ecosystem

August 23: Geneticists have plans to build synthetic human genome: Here’s what you need to know

August 22: How effectively could genetic tests prevent disease?

August 19: Gut bacteria may play vital role in Crohn’s disease

August 18: Scientists criticize New Yorker epigenetics article for ‘misleading’ information

August 17: Genes influence academic achievement, but they’re not the most important factor

August 16: Brain, gut microbiome connection may play role in multiple sclerosis

August 15: Genetics changing how we define cancer

August 12: When will CRISPR be safe enough to translate to therapy?

August 11: Big Data aiming towards genetic solutions to cancer

August 10: Gene therapy may give way to new type I diabetes treatment

August 9: Is the human gene pool in danger?

August 8: Single molecule may fight all kinds of viruses, IBM researchers hope

August 5: Scientists Talk Privately About Creating a Synthetic Human Genome

August 4: Genes responsible for evolution of Darwin’s finches’ beaks identified

August 3: Genes point to potential treatments for digestive diseases

August 2: Largest ever study on genetics and autism aims to advance personalized approach to treatment

July 29: Large analysis finds common genetics links between depression, neuroticism, and sense of well-being

July 28: For first time, researchers find genes that explain differences in how we each experience happiness

July 27: Genes’ mechanisms for protein production called into question

July 26: CRISPR co-discoverer Emmanuelle Charpentier continuing advances in gene editing

July 25: Certain genes raise mothers’ likelihood of having twins

July 22: Do genes make a murderer?

July 21: Autism, bipolar disorder share similar genetic risk factors

July 20: Cracking the da Vinci code: Scientists, historians on quest to sequence artist’s DNA

July 19: Genetics of breast cancer mapped in medical ‘milestone’

July 18: Skin cells reprogrammed into heart and brain cells

July 15: Gene therapy likely best shot at curing brain diseases

July 14: Microbiome remains malleable after birth

July 13: Artificial sperm on horizon? Scientists reprogram human skin cells into sperm parent cells

July 12: Scientists search for disease resistance genes to improve treatments

July 11: Researchers track cell development using CRISPR

July 8: 'Vegetarian' gene variant, more common in India, makes up for fatty acids in meat

July 7: Lawyer’s 20-year mission to deny human gene patents succeeds in Australia, US

July 6: Finer Cancer Screens Catch More Cancer Clues

July 5: Genes responsible for frizzy hair, unibrows identified

July 4: Can GM maggots save us from antibiotic resistant bacteria?

June 30: Precision medicine for rare cancers could point to effective treatments

June 29: How did scientists succeed in creating ‘minimal’ genome?

June 28: What determines baby’s sex? Ancient viral genes may hold answer

June 27: Your housemate may be altering your immune system

June 24: Do certain microbes raise Alzheimer’s risk? Researchers debate

June 23: Genes linked to autism also common in general population

June 22: Scientists edit HIV out of human cells using CRISPR

June 21: Status of gene patents in Canada still uncertain despite recent legal battles

June 20: Race for cancer blood test has big name investors, unlikely scientific collaborations

June 17th: How useful are cancer gene tests?

June 16th: iPhone app searching for genetics of postpartum depression

June 15th: What makes you a righty or a lefty?

June 14th: CRISPR promises to revive endangered species, introduce new pets

June 13th: DNA tests don’t motivate healthy behavior, finds review of research

June 10th: Epigenetic inheritance may contribute to diabetes risk

June 9th: Genetic screening for breast cancer offers information, but often no guidance

June 8th: Newly created stem cell with half a genome may boost fertility treatments

June 7th: For precision medicine to work, genetics knowledge needs to catch up to science

June 6th: Synthetic ‘origami’ DNA delivers drugs within body

June 3rd: Gene therapy, not editing, saved baby Layla

June 2nd: Down-Syndrome Screening: A One-Parent Test for a Two-Parent Risk

June 1st: Fecal Transplants Made (Somewhat) More Palatable

May 30th: Genomics Aids Gestation of Prenatal Molecular Diagnostic Tests

May 27th: International effort needed to contain growing antibiotic resistance

May 26th: New discovery challenges long-held model of DNA replication

May 25th: What does dust in your house say about you?

May 24th: Microbes make strides in cancer treatment

May 23rd: New study adds steam to chronic fatigue syndrome controversy

May 20th: Unlikely agent for fighting cancer found in herpes virus

May 19th: Gene saves life of one-year-old with leukemia in medical first

May 18th: Geneediting technique that can rapidly transform species raises safety concerns

May 17th: Bacterial genes that make mercury deadly identified across the world

May 16th: Do gut microbes exert influence over the brain?

May 13th: Mysterious DNA in brain unexpected blessing for evolution

May 12th: Parkinson’s treatment shows promise in early trials

May 11th: There’s a Mystery Machine That Sculpts the Human Genome: DNA ‘origami’ helps genes function how they’re supposed to

May 10th: Ancient Alaskan children’s DNA tells story of earliest migration to America

May 9th: UCLA researchers discover more than 3,000 genes in a little-studied part of the human genome; newly-discovered ‘dark matter’ of genome helps immune system function

May 6th: What genetics reveals about traditional Chinese medicine

May 5th: DNA ‘origami’ helps genes function how they’re supposed to

May 4th: First genome ‘surgery’ performed on DNA’s 3D structure

May 3rd: Indigenous peoples seek to become partners, not guinea pigs in genetics research

May 2nd: Next-generation genome sequencing pushes clinical research

April 29th: Couple wins ‘wrongful birth’ case after prenatal DNA test missed defects

April 28th: Heredity increasingly vital for understanding cancer risk

April 27th: Frozen eggs significantly less likely to lead to successful IVF

April 26th: Gene causes nearsightedness in bookworm kids

April 25th: Obesity linked to birth order, with highest risk in eldest siblings

April 22nd: Glow-in-the-dark protein helps neuroscientists peer into brain

April 21st: For cancer, timing and order of mutations determine outcome

April 20th: Is century-old remedy the solution to antibiotic resistance?

April 19th: Research challenges popular beliefs about epigenetics

April 18th: Neuroscientist explains interrelation of pain and pleasure

April 15th: How much access to DNA databases should be shared with public?

April 14th: Autism Speaks launching largest open-access genome database for autism research

April 13th: Using CRISPR gene editing to shut down mosquitoes as disease carriers

April 12th: Babies leave stem cell imprint in mom’s body long after birth

April 11th: Do genes predict how your body is aging better than years?

April 8th: Endangered species’ genomes help conservationists judge risk of extinction

April 7th: Population genomics can help identify genes underlying rare diseases

April 6th: The Age of the Red Pen: Societal challenges in the coming age of gene editing

April 5th: Genome databases, immunotherapy combination may be key in fighting cancer

April 4th: Vision gene therapy helps blind mice see again

April 1st: Human organ transplants from GM pigs may soon be a reality

March 31st: Genetic analysis shows prostate cancer to be five distinct diseases

March 30th: Early life stress, gut bacteria affect later risk for anxiety and depression

March 29th: Ribo-T’, first artificial ribosome, opens path to designer drugs

March 28th: New gene test aims to put end to doping in sports

March 25th: Mitochondrial dysfunction may play role in heart failure

March 24th: Artificial blood vessels synthesized to resist clotting

March 23rd: Could stem cells hold the key to treating incurable mitochondrial diseases?

March 22nd: What are the genes behind celiac disease inheritance?

March 21st: Natural genetic mutations inspire promising bio-pharmaceutical treatments

March 18th: Synthetic components added to DNA expand genetic alphabet

March 17th: Diets personalized to people’s biology could help curb disease

March 16th: Many people avoid genetic tests for fear of discrimination

March 15th: Some epigenetic changes in DNA are heritable, and research is beginning to explain how

March 14th: Researchers grow mammary gland in petri dish to study breast cancer

March 11th: Jumping genes make your genome not quite human

March 10th: Transhumanist dilemma: Should we be allowed unlimited access to our own genetic information?

March 9th: Experimental cancer treatment literally dissolves tumor

March 8th: Genetic analysis reveals no common link in autism

March 7th: IBM’s Watson promises breakthroughs in personalized medicine

March 4th: Bacterium’s genome defies common notions of evolution

March 3rd: Newly discovered DNA base added to genetic code

March 2nd: Some worry about potential of DNA ‘printing’ to make medicines, plants, people

March 1st: Maple syrup may be newest ally in fight against antibiotic resistance

February 29th: Treating multiple sclerosis may rely on stem cell stimulation

February 26th: First-of-its-kind genetic map created for wheat

February 25th: Microbiome of western gut more sterile, less diverse than rural populations

February 24th: Can artists teach geneticists to comprehend masses of Big Data?

February 23rd: How biotech is revolutionizing personalized medicine

February 22nd: Airborne antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in Texas may pose major threat to health

February 19th: Why do we need sleep?

February 18th: Barbara McClintock and the discovery of jumping genes: Scientist’s quest to prove genes ‘jump’ forever shook up genetics

February 17th: After 150 years, Mendelian genetics still unchallenged by biology

February 16th: DNA storage techniques mimic Human Nature

February 12th: Genetically engineered bacterial cells ‘talk’ to each other

February 11th: Alzheimer’s not contagious, despite slew of headlines

February 10th: Testicular cancer risk mostly genetic

February 9th: Ohio’s pending Down syndrome abortion ban sparks emotional responses

February 8th: Some UK scientists arguing for embryonic gene modification in ‘morally acceptable’ circumstances

February 5th: US syn bio corporation diving into GM mosquitoes, pest control research

February 4th: App store for your DNA could make personal genomics mainstream

February 3rd: Gut microbes may be to blame for autoimmune eye disease

February 2nd: Epigenetic inheritance: Holocaust survivors passed genetic marks of trauma to children

February 1st: Genetic ‘switch’ targeting fat cells may help combat obesity

January 29th: Octopus genome reveals surprising traits of sophisticated, alien-like earthling

January 28th: Why do intelligent people live longer? It’s in your DNA

January 27th: Breast cancer genetic tests, beyond BRCA, can help personalize treatment plan

January 26th: Mutations that cause infertility detected through new genotyping strategy

January 25th: Debating the perils and the promise of gene editing

January 22nd: Earliest Americans looked European, but genes tell more complicated story

January 21st: Should newborns have their genes sequenced to screen for congenital disorders?

January 20th: First strong genetic links to depression identified

January 19th: Antibiotic-resistant superbugs even deadlier than previously thought

January 18th: Sex chromosomes get messy when they swap DNA

January 15th: Ancestry following 23andMe into consumer genetics business

January 14th: What’s the ideal amount of exercise for a healthy life?

January 13th: How is genetic risk for breast cancer evaluated?

January 12th: Your genes might make you a mosquito magnet

January 11th: Is it possible to bring the extinct woolly mammoth back to life?

January 4th: Viruses point forensic scientists to bodies’ location of origin