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sector_ico_Health_trans Human Health

This episode also comes from Genome BC's Annual Genomics Forum. This discussion examines the importance of not sensationalizing data and...

June 22, 2021
sector_ico_Health_trans Human Health

This episode discusses the public health response to Covid-19 aided by genomics. Speed from sequencing to public health response: data...

June 10, 2021
sector_ico_Health_trans Human Health

COVID-19 with a relatively low R factor and mortality rate has challenged our health care system, society in general and...

June 01, 2021


New episodes every two weeks covering how genomics is impacting our lives every day.

Through the life sciences lens, genomics combines biology, genetics and computer science to provide important insights into disease which is enabling us to develop new treatments and innovative medical devices. Genomics is also enabling an understanding of our natural resources, guiding our ability to adapt to changing conditions, aiding in economic development, and environmental conservation.

Join host Randene Neill for Genome BC’s podcast, the Code of Life, as she covers a broad range of topics about how these transformative technologies are impacting our lives every day.

Conversations that matter

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