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Genome BC’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan

Genome BC supports world-class genomics research projects and technology platforms with the aim of growing a globally competitive life sciences cluster and to deliver sustainable social and economic benefits to BC. 

Our 2015-2020 Plan provides the framework for how we continue to support a sustainable pipeline of discovery, applied and translational research and to ensure we best meet the needs of industry and government users.  It also highlights how we will support the creation of new companies, products and services to help British Columbia develop opportunities for economic growth that the bioeconomy presents.

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Developing the 2015-2020 Plan

In the fall of 2013, we initiated a process to garner as much input as possible from the community through an open consultation process. We would like to thank the individuals in more than 90 meetings who contributed valuable insight and advice over the eight month process.  We have also been working closely with our provincial government which has been a key investor in Genome BC’s strategy since 2003.  In addition to these stakeholder meetings, Genome BC’s Board of Directors has also been planning the organizations’ future direction at its 2012, 2013 and 2014 annual retreats.  
Themes we heard from our community consultations included:

  • Remain relevant to government priorities
  • Conserve neutrality and ability to be an “honest broker”
  • Support the uptake of genomics in economic sectors beyond health
  • Encourage an environment  for the success of new commercial opportunities (incubator type)
  • Look for new partnerships and strengthen existing ones
  • Be bold with next plan and go further to translate and secure benefits

Themes we heard from our consultations with government included:

  • Be the champion and convey the excitement and promise of genomics
  • Articulate clear deliverables by 2020 and provide tangible examples
  • Continue to be highly visible across the province
  • Do more to encourage the commercialization of genomic technologies where it makes sense and attract the right partners and funding
  • Be active and willing to engage across government
  • Be relevant to the LNG priority by building understanding of the application of genomics to address key energy sector issues
  • Appreciate that the next year is going to be challenging in seeking government funding

A number of studies were also undertaken to inform our 2015-2020 Plan and to complement existing corporate data. These studies included:

  • Economic and Social Impact Study of Genome BC’s activities
  • Bibliometric Study of BC’s Competitiveness
  • Performance Measurement Framework