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Management & Staff

Ágnes Baross
Manager, Sector Development

Jennifer Boon
Communications Manager, Sectors

Pat Brady
Director, Industry Innovation Programs
Industry Innovation (I2) Fund

Tony Brooks
Chief Financial Officer & VP, Research Programs

David Charest
Director, Sector Development

Alex Chattwood
Education Manager, Communications and Education

Ivana Cecic
Manager, Sector Development

Alison Dendoff
New Programs Manager        

Hilda Galindo
Administrative Assistant

Suzanne Gill                       
Director, Corporate Development

Cece Gnocato                      
Executive Assistant

Sally Greenwood                 
Vice President, Communications & Education

Ellie Griffith                       
Operations Manager, Research Programs

Kate Harland                  
Genomics and Society Advisor

Mohammed Hasham                 
Research Program Manager

Youri Jung

Fred Lake
Finance Officer

Patricia Lee                        
Accounting Manager

Catalina Lopez-Correa
Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President, Sector Development

Jessica Lu
Data Management Coordinator 

Brad Lyle
Communications Manager

Mary McKay
Co-ordinator, Sector Development 

Kathryn Moncur
Co-ordinator, Communications & Research Programs 

Santi Pelaez
Senior Accountant

Liliane (Lilo) Richards
Executive Assistant and Board Relations Manager

Rachael Ritchie
Director, International Partnerships

Orit Segev                       
Research Program Manager

Ashleen Shadeo
Research Program Manager

Rahul Singh
Research Program Manager

Pascal Spothelfer
President and Chief Executive Officer

Dorota Stefanowicz
Research Program Manager

Carolyn Sundquist
Office Manager

Chen Wan
Research Program Manager