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Genome BC at a glance

Genome British Columbia is a non-profit research organization that invests in and manages large-scale genomics and proteomics research projects and enabling technologies focused on areas of strategic importance such as human health, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, energy and mining and agri-food.

Our research projects have attracted over 300 major international co-funders and partner organizations, including many multinational corporations, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, worldwide charitable foundations and top-tier research institutions. Such investments have helped us build internationally recognized enabling technologies; recruit, train and retain high quality personnel; and deliver socio-economic benefits to BC, Canada and other parts of the world.

Our major investors are the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada through Genome Canada and Western Economic Diversification Canada. This funding is complemented by other private and public investments.


Our Vision:

Genome Sciences will revolutionize many aspects of our lives and provide solutions to humankind’s challenges.

Our Mission:

Genome BC leads academia, government and industry to develop a world-class genome sciences region that will deliver social and economic benefits to British Columbia, Canada and beyond, through:

  • Excellent projects and technology platforms,
  • Innovative applications for the life sciences cluster,
  • Strategic international collaborations, and
  • Proactive leadership in exploring societal impacts of genome sciences.

Our Strategy:

We are a catalyst for a successful life sciences cluster. By bringing together research organizations, industry and government, Genome BC delivers programs in applied and translational research grounded in the genome sciences, securing benefits for Canadians and other citizens of the world through its investments.

We develop research programs to facilitate the translation of genome sciences-based research into practical applications in areas of strategic importance. A close interface with end-users in each sector ensures that sector priorities are addressed through solutions-oriented research.

To maximize the chance of success for the translation of knowledge into practice, Genome BC integrates the wisdom of industry decision-makers and government regulators and, in the health sector, of current and future health care practitioners and administrators.



Find out how Genome BC is fueling genomics, a powerful engine for innovation and technology, and driving future economic growth in BC’s expanding bio-economy.

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