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Bringing Genomics Home Vancouver 2015 videos & presentations now available

On March 24th, 2015, Genome BC presented Bringing Genomics Home - “Your DNA: A blueprint for better health” along with Brad Popovich, Joseph M Connors, Clara van Karnebeek, Mel Krajden.

Videos and presentations are now posted below:

Bringing Genomics Home presentations + Q&A on YouTube

Presentation: In the next five years how will genomics impact personalized medicine in BC? - Brad Popovich
Presentation: Cancer: unlocking a genetically driven disease - Joseph M Connors
Presentation: Rare Disease: from diagnostic odyssey to tailored care - Clara van Karnebeek
Presentation: Hepatitis C: 25 years from discovery to cure - Mel Krajden

Thank you to all those who attended the great night of speakers & discussion.