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Evolution Article Worksheet: Teacher’s Notes

Curriculum Link -> Biology 11
Prescribed Learning Outcome:

•    Describe the process of evolution

Using the worksheet in the classroom:
•    This worksheet can be used as an introduction to the topics of evolution and natural selection.
•    This worksheet could also be used as an enrichment assignment after the topic of evolution has been introduced to your students.

Evolution Article Worksheet KEY
The following key is composed of sample answers.  Please note that student answers may vary.

Pre-Reading Question
1.    Define “evolution” in your own words.

Evolution describes how inherited traits change over time.

Post-Reading Questions

2.    After reading the article, what can you add to your definition of “evolution?”

Evolution is a process that brings about change in responses to the environment in organisms that share a common ancestry.   

3.    What is meant by “survival of the fittest?”

Survival of the fittest means that the organisms who are fit, or those who have the most favourable traits for the environment, such as in some circumstances, the ability to produce the most offspring, will survive and be the most reproductively successful.

4.    What types of traits are passes on to offspring?

Only traits which are heritable will be passed on to offspring.  

5.    What is a “common ancestor”?

A “common ancestor” is an organism that has identifiable traits carried forward from other, related, organisms.  Many organisms evolve from a common ancestor.

6.    When is a group of organisms considered to be another species?

When an organism is no longer able to reproduce with its own kind, it is considered to be a new species.   Also, the offspring produced from the new species must be able to reproduce as well.

Natural Selection

1.    What is “natural selection?”

Natural selection is one of the mechanisms by which evolution occurs. 

2.    What are the three requirements for natural selection to occur?

a.    Traits need to be heritable from parent to offspring.
b.    There has to be variation in the traits.
c.    The organisms whose inherited traits enable the organism to be better suited to the environment must reproduce successfully.

3.    How are mutations linked to natural selection?

Mutations help create new traits, because they provide variation in traits.