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DNA Code Bracelet

Curriculum Connection > Biology 12

Cell Compounds and Biological Molecules

  • Analyse the structure and function of biological molecules in living systems, including carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids

DNA Replication

  • Describe DNA replication

Curriculum Connection Science 9

  • Explain the process of cell division

What is this activity about?  
In this hands-on activity, students will apply the DNA code to make a bracelet representing their names.  They will also have a chance to review the structure of DNA and the gene to protein process.

How to use the activity in the classroom

  • This activity could be used after cells and DNA have been discussed.  Students need background knowledge on the structure of DNA, the gene to protein process, and the codon table.  
  • Similarly, this activity could be used to introduce the topic of codons and the link to the gene to protein process.
  • Student worksheet

Helpful Links
After the activity, you can have students input their name into a decoder to determine if their decoding was successful.  Similarly, you can use this tool to check the accuracy of the students’ work.  Go to to try the decoder. Note: this decoder will only provide an approximation for students’ names.

For additional background info on the DNA code, visit the Sanger Institute’s website. Go to to get more information that you can use in the classroom.

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